When Apple deleted iPhone’s headphone jack, this has sparked an upsurge in wireless bluetooth headphones. There are millions of choices out there right now (check out our favorites here) but it’s very, very hard to find any worth listening to that cost less than $ 100.

We have loved JLab Audio’s offerings for years; his golf tee style buds outperform AirPods for a lot less. When it comes to sound and build quality, JLab headphones could easily sell for twice as much without anyone blinking. The Go Air are the cheapest overall and among the smallest, lightest and most comfortable headphones we’ve ever tested.

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Our Parker Hall audio reviewer notes that the Go Air do everything you expect from wireless headphones. You can take calls and do burpees while blasting MF Doom. They sound warm and energetic and have big, powerful bass that sounds great on your daily walk. Their case even has a built-in USB-A cable for easy charging.

Of course, for $ 16, they won’t have audiophile-grade sound. They also come in a single, open case. Magnets hold the heads inside, but without a coating, they attract a bit of pocket plush. However, if you’re looking for a pair of headphones that won’t panic when you lose them deep in your bag or in a sewer grate, these are definitely worth your money.

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