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I am proud and honored to speak for the first time at one of the world’s largest Azure Bootcamp events. I’m talking Global Azure Bootcamp Switzerland 2019 which is underway on April 27, 2019 in Zurich.

What Global Azure Bootcamp is all about?

User groups and communities want to learn about Azure and the cloud service around the world. On April 27, all the communities will once again meet fine Global Azure Bootcamp event. Each user group organizes their own one-day deep diving class in Azure as they see fit and how it works for their members. The result is that thousands of people are learning about Azure.

Global Azure Bootcamp Switzerland is an all-day conference on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform to be held in Zurich on April 27, 2019. It is free and open for anyone to join.

Bootcamp is organized Azure Zurich User Group and Microsoft IT Pro Schweiz User Group. We’re a bunch of Azure people, people with their heads in the cloud, passionate about building awesome stuff on the Microsoft Azure platform. We connect everyone from Azure beginners to experts, developers to IT professionals and startups.

I am proud to present one session this year Sync Azure files.

Extend your Windows file server to the cloud with Azure File Sync
In this session, we’ll dive in and show you the great new hybrid features of Azure File Sync and Windows Server. Azure File Sync allows Windows file servers to be converted to local caching for Azure file sharing, allowing for centralization in the cloud service and simpler local administration, especially for branch offices. With Azure Backup integration, you can protect your data in the cloud despite local backup solutions. And if you want to move your app to the cloud, your app can use Azure file sharing in the same way that local file sharing on the network.

I recommend joining this wonderful one day event, so make sure you get your FREE ticket as soon as possible before it runs out!

Speaking of The Global Azure Bootcamp in Switzerland 2019 #GlobalAzure 2

Last but not least, I have to thank all our sponsors for making this happen!

Speaking of The Global Azure Bootcamp in Switzerland 2019 #GlobalAzure 3

Until then … I really hope to see you there!

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