Hunter Biden has not been undisputed, and the son of President Joe Biden was back in the news on Tuesday afternoon. The tabloid in the UK, The Daily Mail said that the younger Biden used the n-word several times in text messages with a white, $ 845 an hour layer.

The authenticity of the allegations has not been verified, but the Daily Mail reported that Hunter Biden exchanged texts in December 2018 with his lawyer George Mesires in which he joked about the “big penis” and said, “I love you just because you” re black “and” true dat n *** a. “The exchange reportedly continued with the President’s son adding,” How much money I owe you. Becaause (sic) n *** a you better not charge me Hennessy prices. “

The British newspaper included screenshots of the alleged exchange as well as another conversation between the two, where the younger Biden also used racial people. The text exchange was reported to have been found on a 51-year-old computer that was “abandoned” at a Delaware computer repair shop in 2019. It was previously reported that the laptop also contained pornographic photographs as well as a video frenzy involving several people.

The news report on the alleged text exchange comes just a week after President Biden gave a speech that eradicated racism on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre, in which hundreds of African Americans died.

News or fake news?

It didn’t take long after the original reports of the hashtag #RacistHunter and #RacistBide trended on social media, despite the fact that only The Daily Mail had access to the alleged texts and no other news agency signed up to confirm the reports. All subsequent news broadcasts referred to The Daily Mail’s original reporting, but the “news” continued to spread on social platforms.

It should be worrying that this story got its own life on social media without confirming the validity of the allegations. According to Rob Enderle, technology analyst at Enderle Group, this is “especially true because this would have been gold during the election, so the likelihood of counterfeiting is unusually high in this case.”

It is also worth considering the motives of the publishers of the story.

“While it may increase website traffic or sell a few more papers, it is also likely to raise questions about how the texts were acquired in the first place,” explained Charles King, Pund-IT’s chief analyst. “If the ownership chain is polluted in any way, I expect lawyers working for text publishers to earn overtime for a few weeks or months.”

Skeletons in a digital cabinet

Whether the facts of these allegations are true is not yet known, but Hunter Biden is one who already has a few skeletons revealed in his closet. The question is, how does someone “return” to such outrageous mistakes online?

“If that’s true, it’s something that many, if not most people, can sympathize with, because every family or group of friends seems to have a similar character,” King said.

“The ability of social media – or in this case digital storage of private texts and communications – to evoke ghosts of past mistakes and actions is worth considering,” King added. “This is not the first and it is not the last time a public figure is personally humiliated by any of their past. The nature of digital and online media allows activities and events to be remembered and recorded indefinitely.”

Another removal of the story from this story may be that only the skeletons of the closet can’t cause problems – and politicians, CEOs and others have learned that family members can be a serious burden.

“For those of us with restless relatives who sweat that people don’t do what people do here with Hunter and Joe Biden, this is an unfortunate reminder of what could happen if we ever went into politics,” Enderle said. “I regret the many children who, like me, have a lack of control or who have overcome substance abuse and were distributed on social media. Finally, this once again shows that social media is forever and can alone justify extra money for a paid Twiter subscription that there is at least some protection against such stupidity. “



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