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In addition to harassment in the world of music, the great prince was a vegetarian and a staunch defender of animal rights. PETA is thus reviving its vision of a new era, and on June 7, which would have been his 63rd birthday, the organization took a full-page anti-wool advertisement Women’s clothing every day.

By calling the deceased prince, PETA shot a picture of the singer-songwriter and reproduced his liner notes from his 1999 album Rave Un2 is a pleasure fantastic verbatim: “If this coat were of genuine wool, it would have taken seven lambs whose lives would have begun like this … Within weeks of birth, their ears would have been pierced, their tails torn and their males castrated while being fully conscious … Many people believe that pruning helps animals that otherwise b 2 become hot. But in order to 2 avoid losing wool, livestock farmers cut sheep b4, which they naturally detach from winter coats, resulting in millions of sheep deaths due to cold exposure. ”

Animal rights the organization concluded the visual message “Wear Vegan Knitwear” hoping the designers would respect Prince’s memory by using cruel materials instead of wool.

In the year 2005 The prince donated his songs on behalf of his vegans Animal kingdom To PETA. The organization also named her the sexiest vegetarian celebrity in 2006.

Expressing everything respect for the musician, PETA said Billboard that it created this tribute to celebrate the stars[using] his voice drives a friendlier world. “

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