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NOTE: This exam will be updated with updated content and will be available on May 28, 2020.

After passing Microsoft Azure Solutions Specialists exam as well Azure Developer Associate exam and Microsoft Azure Administrator Certificate. I decided to sit down Microsoft Azure Basics test. Passing the basic exam sounds boring, but as a technician, we usually work on complex projects, design and architect large deployments, but sometimes we lose some basic concepts. For this reason, I decided to update my basic concepts, which I have learned over the years, because the cloud means constant re-learning. This also helps when talking to non-technical clients, such as people with business decision-makers and senior management roles.

As you may have heard, Microsoft is developing its learning programs to help you and your career stay in today’s demanding IT environments. At the Ignite event in September 2018, Microsoft announced new role-based certifications to help you and your career stay in line with today’s business requirements. They develop a learning program to better provide the skills you need, to prove your expertise to employers and your peers, and to get the recognition and opportunities you deserve. On December 31, 2018, Microsoft announced the new AZ-900: Azure Fundamentals exam.

I am now so happy and grateful that I passed AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam. I thought I would share my experience on this blog to help you prepare for and figure out this exam successfully.

In this exam I got something around 48 questions, and the total time for this experiment is only 60 minutes. You have about 1.2 minutes to answer each question, otherwise time will run out, so be careful !!! The questions correspond pretty much to the skills measured below.

This exam can be considered an optional first step in learning about cloud services and how Microsoft Azure is an example of these concepts. It can be considered a precursor to Microsoft Azure or Microsoft Cloud Services exams. While it would be a useful first step, strengthening basic knowledge, passing this exam is not a prerequisite for other Azure-based certifications.

This exam is for candidates who want to demonstrate a basic understanding of cloud services and how those services are offered with Microsoft Azure. The exam is intended for candidates with a non-technical background, such as those involved in the sale or purchase of cloud-based solutions and services or participants in cloud-based solutions and services, as well as those with a technical background, who must establish basic knowledge of cloud services. No technical IT experience is required. however, some general IT knowledge or experience would be helpful.

This test measures your ability to complete the technical topics listed below based on the latest update from Microsoft:

Understand cloud concepts (15-20%)

  • Understand cloud services
  • Understand the key terms
  • Understand cloud models
  • Understand economies of scale
  • Understand the cloud service

Understand Core Azure Services (30-35%)

  • Understand the core components of Azure architecture
  • Understand Azure core services and products
  • Understand Azure solutions
  • Understand Azure management tools

Understand security, privacy, compliance and trust (25-30%)

  • Understand how network connections are secured.
  • Understand the core services of Azure identity.
  • Understand security tools and features.
  • Understand Azure management methods.
  • Understand tracking and reporting in Azure.
  • Understand Azure privacy, compliance, and privacy standards.

Understand Azure Pricing and Support (25-30%)

  • Orders and management groups
  • Plan and manage Azure costs
  • Identify Azure support options
  • Understand Azure Service Level Agreements
  • Understand the life cycle of Azure

The most important success in passing this exam is working regularly with Microsoft Azure. You can create your own free Azure account today and start practicing the new features.

I prepared for this exam, I used Microsoft Learn a new learning approach to explore for all Azure basic concepts, I highly recommend checking the following modules:

You can also go through after the next presentation which can help you build a basic understanding of cloud services.

At the time of this writing If you prefer to prepare a book, Microsoft has published an exam book (1st edition) published in June 2019, you can invest order now here.

You can take the following free Microsoft Azure Fundamentals course to prepare for this exam:

Last but not least, you can practice and test your knowledge before taking the actual exam by taking it online Microsoft’s official practice test provided by MeasureUp.

If you are going to take this exam … I wish you all the best and good study !!!

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