Could this become a new sponsorship option for Facebook marketers?

This week, Facebook is announced a new campaign for the latest film in the “Fast and Furious” series, which includes new chat backgrounds and effects, as well as an interactive experience with behind-the-scenes insights and video clips.

As explained Facebook:

“Starting today, fans will have access to Movie Mate, a first-class” second screen “chat experience exclusively for Messenger, as well as a customized 360-degree background and chat theme (also available on Instagram). Movie-Mate is available to everyone Quickly Saga movies. It answers burning questions from movie viewers and provides unprecedented photos and video in real time as they stream their favorites Quickly Saga movies. “

Movie Mate, a standalone third-party offering, is integrated into the Messenger experience by adding a new element to the app Look together a viewing mode that allows users to view video content in real time along with their Messenger contacts.

Through this new process when the user starts a new conversation Fast and furious Facebook page, they will be asking about their fandom level “so that your experience is tailored to the level of your knowledge”. Viewers can then view exclusive content and additional material – although, as noted, Facebook has also added new 360-degree backgrounds and chat themes that are also available on Instagram.

Discussion themes are a new offering, and Facebook releases the first Star Wars and Selena: Series themes last month, which offers a new way to connect with fans.

It could become a new advertising option, and while it would be a fairly high-end tool that would probably only be available to large-scale movie studios and the like, it could be another sequel to Facebook’s offerings, offering more ways to increase awareness and connectivity.

Movie Mate integration also facilitates more interactive features on a shared screen, and with more users who want to stream videos together, it can also become a valuable advertising tool.

It’s an interesting experiment in both directions – if you want to explore the new F9 Messenger experience, head Fast and furious Facebook page and click the Messenger icon to start a conversation.


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