Excerpt from today’s press release: The SaaS innovator’s $ 39 million Series B combines with the previously unannounced $ 11 million Series A to accommodate explosive growth. MaintainX frees industrial and frontline workers from clipboards and spreadsheets with digital tools that streamline safety and maintenance workflows for equipment and facilities.

Here: An interview between Brad Anderson, editor of ReadWrite and Chris Turlica CEO of MaintainX.

Tell me about your business (unique content) that no one knows about.

The whole team uses MaintainX to manage and lead our entire business. We do not use any other internal communication tool. This allows us to catch bugs as our team is “zero customer” for every new feature release.

Tell me about the founders?

MaintenirX was founded in 2018 by Chris Turlica, Hugo Dozois-Caouette, Mathieu Marengère-Gosselin and Nick Haase. Driven by a mutual desire to create a product that would help ordinary people, we felt more connected to the challenges facing frontline workers in our own families. We’ve identified an opportunity to solve their most obvious problem – eliminating clipboards and paper workflows.

Tell me about the people who funded your business?

Byron Deeter of Bessemer Ventures led the round and joins the MaintainX board of directors. New investors also include Vulcan Capital and the CEO and head of strategy at UiPath. All of our former major investors participated: Amity Ventures, August Capital and Ridge Ventures.

Byron Deeter brings a wealth of experience with his previous investments in Procore and ServiceTitan. In addition, he provides in-depth knowledge of product-driven bottom-up growth SaaS through his investments in Twilio, Intercom, Hashicorp and Canva.

What will you do with the money?

With capital, MaintainX will be in the best position to meet continued demand. We are accelerating our product roadmap, focusing on partnerships across the ecosystem and expanding our go-to-market and customer success functions. We are also recruiting into our engineering, product, sales and marketing teams.

What is your long-term vision for the business?

We are building a 360 degree work execution environment for frontline teams. Current market solutions focus on a single silo of data, such as maintenance, security or operations. MaintainX brings all this data together in one place while making it real-time, collaborative and actionable.

Our product’s marketing information enables unprecedented levels of efficiency from the ground floor to the C-Suite. We believe MaintainX will be the recording platform for the execution of all equipment and facility oriented work and the open source recording system for operational workflows worldwide.


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