Governments around the world rely on OpenStack for their cloud service needs. OpenStack-based private cloud management can benefit from the best in security, scalability, and agility. Choosing a cloud-based infrastructure allows governments to stay abreast of the latest technology trends. At the same time, you save on the costs typically associated with traditional information technology. In a world where security threats are increasing, it has never been more important for governments to take additional measures to address risks. This includes a solid cloud solution that allows the government to focus on its core competencies and work for the benefit of its citizens.

Today we are going to explore how different governments use OpenStack around the world. The global tour begins in the United States, tours Australia and ends with the impact of OpenStack on the French government. Let’s see how governments use OpenStack around the world – no passport required!

How governments use OpenStack

Governments around the world have important priorities. Keep citizens safe, keep law and order in their jurisdiction, and problem solving potential problems are just some of the things they face on a daily basis. While sort of managing their countries, the following countries have one thing in common: OpenStack.

United States

In the United States, the National Security Agency (NSA) uses the power of OpenStack to keep up to date with the country’s high security needs. Deployment of OpenStack at the government level was such a success that the NSA planned to deploy OpenStack to all 16 agencies that make up the U.S. scientific community. Given the U.S. emphasis on security, it’s clear that OpenStack will deliver where it matters most.

In addition, the role of OpenStack in U.S. state security is good for OpenStack users. Why? Because the NSA has such stringent safety requirements, it developed systems to meet those requirements. The OpenStack community can experience the security benefits of protecting the API and guest operating systems to develop code according to their needs.


The Australian government is also not strange to OpenStack’s private cloud infrastructure. The Australian government took advantage of simplicity alongside the agility of OpenStack to build a secure cloud platform. Major ministries such as the Digital Transformation Agency, the Department of Health and Defense and the Australian Intelligence Service all worked to ensure that the implementation of OpenStack was successful. Thanks to OpenStack, Australia was able to deliver high-security digital services and solutions to the jurisdictions that needed it most.


The French government is no stranger to OpenStack itself either. The French Ministry of the Interior has harnessed the power of OpenStack’s private clouds to rule the country. The ministry’s IT engineers were taught to use OpenStack best practices. They continued to help choose the right tools and deployment strategies for France. Many of the applications currently used by France are used to drive bureaucratic reforms. There are about 20 different projects in French OpenStack-based cloud design, and they plan to move 150 applications to the cloud over the next three or five years.

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