Google will bring back its Search Central Unconference virtual event for a year on June 21st. Registrations are open until June 14.

Google hosted the Unopened Unconference event last August, the first virtual event ever in the company’s history.

When companies were forced to do so during the pandemic, Google turned to virtual events instead of the personal conferences it would normally hold throughout the year.

With travel restrictions still in place in many countries, it looks like Google plans to keep its events virtual for at least another year.

If the success of a virtual event can be measured by presence alone, Google’s first Unconference was a home visit. The vacancies were filled almost immediately, and the feedback was largely positive.


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Here’s an overview of what Google has set aside for its second annual event.

What is Google’s disagreement?

Google is inviting this event Aconference to make it clear that it is different from typical Google events or other web conferencing.

“This event isn’t just for you – it’s your event. In particular, the word ‘ambiguity’ means you have to choose which sessions you want to attend and which you actively participate in. You format the event by participating in discussions, feedback sessions, and similar forms that need your input. “

Google strongly emphasizes the participatory aspect of this event. It’s not an event you want to attend if you want to relax and listen passively to speakers ’presentations.


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Google Search Central Unconference encourages participants to actively participate in each session.

As a result, Google is working to diversify the list of participants with people from different backgrounds.

“You have the opportunity to collaborate with other website owners, SEOs, developers, digital marketers, publishers, and Google product teams like Search Console and Google Search, which will help us add more value to you and the community.”

The idea is that a diverse group of participants can help everyone learn more from each other and from their unique perspectives.

“Because places are limited, we may have to select attendees based on background and demographics to get a good perspective on the event.”

Unfortunately, this also means that not everyone who wants to attend the event will get the opportunity.

Sessions are not recorded to increase Unconference exclusivity. The blog post will be published after the event, but most of what happens in Unconference will remain in the Unconference program.

How to sign up for Google Search discussions

Those interested in attending the meeting are invited fill out the application.

The app asks registrants to vote on two sessions they are interested in. Sessions are then added to the event based on the number of votes they receive.


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Possible sessions include:

  • Publisher Policy Videos
  • Search Console Chit-chat
  • Video SEO Questions and Answers
  • Core online medals and e-commerce questions and answers
  • Core Network Vitalers and RUM
  • Core Web Vitals – diagnose and solve common problems
  • Website quality in 2021
  • Ecommerce SEO Challenges and Best Practices
  • Improving search center support
  • Analysis of log files
  • The future of feeds in the open network
  • SEO for podcasts
  • SEO scripts – facilitate search engine optimization through automation

Google will notify registrants June 14-16 if their application to participate in the event has been approved.


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