As part of the ongoing expansion of e-commerce, Google is today launched a new integration with WooCommerce, which makes WooCommerce’s service easier 4.4 million merchants integrate its product range with Google’s various search and discovery platforms.

As explained Google:

“Integrating resellers who work with partners like WooCommerce more easily with Google’s shopping features on Search, Shopping, Image Search, and YouTube means there are even more ways for resellers of all sizes to find. They make their purchasing decisions.”

As the video shows, the integration makes it easier for WooCommerce merchants to upload their product catalog to Google, where they can then create free Google product catalogs and launch Google ad campaigns, all from the WooCommerce Dashboard.

An online store that is perfect for discoveries has become a key focus for Google as it struggles to fight search competition and build more use cases for its applications. Last month, Google introduced a new ”Shopping chart‘, an An artificial intelligence-enhanced model that understands ‘an ever-changing set of products, vendors, brands and reviews’ and facilitates a more responsive, more comprehensive shopping experience on the platform.

Google also reported a similar integration with Shopify, and with more than a billion shopping sessions taking place every day in its apps, it makes sense for Google to strive for ecommerce and help connect its users to the most relevant and useful results.

Google also wants to launch the product searches by images, similar to Pinterest Lens tool, while also evolving into a new one AR display tools for e-commerce, among its various evolving tools.

Given the scale and presence of the platform, it has a good chance of becoming a major target for e-commerce, which is why it is important for retailers to stay up to date on these updates to ensure they maximize their exposure to people looking for their products.

New WooCommerce integration now in place – WooCommerce merchants can get more in-depth implementation information here.


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