WooCommerce has launched an extension that allows all 4.4 million merchants to easily download a range of products to Google for free.

This integration with WooCommerce gives resellers of all sizes more ways to find you on Google platforms like Search, Shopping, Photos, and YouTube.

The Google WooCommerce plug-in allows merchants to download products to Google, create free business listings and ad campaigns, review performance data, and more without leaving the dashboard.

Here’s more information about the extension and what retailers can do with it.

Google listings and ad extension for WooCommerce

WooCommerce resellers can now sync their stores with Google for listings of products for free, display paid ads, and track performance.


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The Google Listings and Ads extension focuses on achieving three main goals for retailers:

  • Seamlessly connect their stores to the Google Merchant Center
  • Reach online shoppers with free classifieds
  • Increasing store traffic and sales with smart Shopping campaigns

Connect to the Google Merchant Center

When a WooCommerce store is synced with the Google Merchant Center, everything about the store and its products is available to customers when they search Google properties.

The information is automatically updated when new products are added or old products are removed.


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Create free ads on Google

Google allows resellers to list products for free on the Shopping tab, making them eligible to appear in search results, image search results, and Gmail.

All products in the Merchant Center stock can be used as free shopping listings on Google services.

Like regular search results, retailers can pay for ads if they want to be more visible on shopping listings, but it’s free. Resellers can run free ads and paid advertising campaigns at the same time.

Google reports that U.S. advertisers who display free ads and ads together have, on average, more than 50% more clicks and more than 100% more impressions on both the free ads and the Shopping tab.

Stores are automatically selected for free notifications. From there, they can decide to run a paid Smart Shopping campaign.

Increase traffic and visibility with Shopping Ads

Retailers can grow their business on Google with smart shopping campaigns. Products can be promoted on Google Search, Shopping, YouTube, Gmail, and the Display Network.

Smart Shopping campaigns combine Google’s machine learning with automatic bidding and ad placements to maximize conversion value and strategically display ads to people looking for products that the reseller carries.

When WooCommerce resellers install the Google Ads & Listings plug-in, they have the option to link their Google Ads accounts.


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After linking a Google Ads account, retailers can choose their budgets and launch a campaign directly from the WooCommerce dashboard.

WooCommerce recommends starting with a proposed minimum budget that can be changed at any time.

The dashboard reports on campaign analytics so that resellers can see the performance of their ads.

Look Google Lists and Ad Extensions download page Learn more.


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