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Genesis Robotics LiveDrive LDD 1800 Series Actuators

Genesis LiveDrive actuators are direct drive, remove the gearbox and require no maintenance. | Image Credit: Genesis Robotics

Genesis robotics and movement techniques announces its new availability LiveDrive® LDD 1800 Series Direct Drive Actuatorswith a wide range of configurations and performance options. LiveDrive direct-acting actuators eliminate the need for a gearbox and redefine the next generation of parallel robots and precision machines, opening up capabilities beyond the reach of conventional transmissions in many applications.

LiveDrive LDD actuators redefine simplicity, cleanliness and productivity on high-performance machines. LiveDrive is a high-torque, compact, direct-drive solution designed for robots in the food, packaging, pharmaceutical and electronics industries. LiveDrive reduces maintenance requirements while increasing uptime and reliability. With no need for gears, belts or lubrication, LiveDrive actuators simplify transmission.

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“We are excited to launch this state-of-the-art drive technology that will make it available to manufacturers and system integrators worldwide,” Chris Di Lello, CEO of Genesis Robotics & Motion Technologies. “A simpler transmission gives a better robot: faster to assemble and easier to service. This creates value for our customers and end users and is a real breakthrough for the robotics and automation industries.”

Genesis LiveDrive LDD 1800 Series product information

Genesis LiveDrive LDD 1800

The Genesis LiveDrive is gearless and oil-free. | Image credit: Genesis

  • 100 Nm peak torque capacity
  • IP67 enclosure
  • 4 Feedback options
  • One Cable Technology (with Hyperface DSL)
  • Integrated holding brake
  • UL registered
  • Custom features for many applications

Genesis LiveDrive at the heart of the new Wyzo Sidebot

The LiveDrive actuator is integrated into the Wyzo side piece invented by Demaurex SA, a pioneer of the Delta robot.

“We’ve been looking for a solution for over a decade, and LiveDrive is the missing link in our products,” said CEO Frank Souyris Wyzo. “This technology is a game changer that makes a significant difference at work and allows us to achieve high performance and safety. The Genesis team is very committed and shares our values ​​in developing a new industry standard for delta robots – Wyzo Sidebot. ”

Wyzo Sidebot

The new Wyzo Sidebot uses Genesis Robotics LiveDrive LDD actuators to move the robot. | Image credit: Wyzo Robotics

The LiveDrive LDD 1800 Series actuator is less than half the length of a typical servo gear, allowing greater utilization of the machine’s cells and factory floor space. The LiveDrive’s washable IP67 enclosure – with smooth surfaces and small collection points – allows for easy cleaning. It is important that LiveDrive actuators do not require a gearbox, which eliminates the risk of oil leakage or contamination. No gearbox means shorter downtimes, inspections and maintenance needs.

LiveDrive’s direct-drive technology also eliminates setback and improves system rigidity. Combined with a higher torque-to-weight ratio, LiveDrive creates the opportunity for robot and machine designers to improve performance in highly dynamic applications. LiveDrive supports low slowness and fast stop times Cooperating robot specification ISO / TS 15066 and brings human-machine collaboration to new applications.

The Genesis LiveDrive LDD 1800 Series Direct Drive Actuators are available in a wide range of configurations and performance. Standard models include four sizes, different voltage levels, and support integration with third-party servo drives.


Genesis Robotics borrows direct operation from one of the most innovative industrial robots ever to hit the market: the legendary AdeptOne SCARA robot. AdeptOne was the first direct-drive industrial robot to hit the market in 1984, and it was the success of Adept Technology for more than 20 years. Direct-acting actuators eliminate one thing that complicates the design, control, fabrication and support of the robot: the transmission. For Adept, this concept has a fast, accurate and long service life.

For Genesis Robotics, the concept of using direct drive to drive a delta robot also allows for fast and long life. But it also achieves a larger goal, oil-free operation, which is the key to the introduction of these actuators for food processing and manufacturing.


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