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If you woke up early Tuesday morning thinking about raising your productivity, you may be disappointed. Major online sites like New York Times, Caretaker, Reddit, Amazon, and even Twitch were down.

Sites were idle for about an hour, and little is known about what had happened to the biggest players on the Internet. It turns out that one reason may be due to a relatively unknown attempt: quickly.

Quickly, a cloud services company, had experienced a configuration problem, which in turn caused a large power outage.

How this happened happen? Well, Fastly is a content distribution network (CDN), meaning it hosts the world’s largest servers that feed the Internet. One of the most important functions of a CDN is to speed up the Internet on websites on cached servers physically closer to the user’s location. Income.

5.58 ET He quickly said it was “currently investigating the potential impact of our CDN services on performance.”

About hours later, at 7 a.m., it tweeted that the company had identified the cause of the service outage, and the blackouts were restored soon.

Albeit the problem was solved quite in time, many around the world found it shocking that just one service disruption could eliminate so many of the internet’s most popular sites.

Perhaps big players need to find ways to diversify so that not all the big sites on the network belong to just one company.

[via Input, cover image via Wikimedia Commons]



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