Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy updating its three primary directories APIs, customers (language – specific libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs) and source code samples. If you have new APIs, clients or Source code examples to add to ProgrammableWeb directories, we provide forms (APIs, Customers, Source code) on sending them to us API research group. If any of our directories have a list that you would like to claim as an owner, please contact us at editor@programmableweb.com.

Eight APIs have been added Programmable Web directory of categories, including endurance, writing and sports. Highlights include the Mastercard API, which compensates for carbon emissions from events, and the Quran translation API. Here is a summary of the latest additions.

APIs Mastercard Carbon counter APIFollow this API It allows users to calculate the carbon footprint of transactions in any major currency, view the carbon impact of spending, and track the environmental impact of events. Developers can use this API to create apps that allow cardholders to be aware of their carbon impact and provide ways to offset their carbon impact. This API is listed in Resistance.

MyClimate allows developers to calculate CO2 offsets and offset them with CO2 projects. MyClimate calculator APIFollow this API calculates CO2 emissions for a single car trip, multiple car trips, airfare, cruise ship voyages, corporate energy, corporate mobility, corporate food and beverages, corporate supplies, and personal carbon footprint for households, consumption, and mobility. This API is also listed in Resistance.

Erply provides point of sale (POS), product information and other retail solutions. Erply APIFollow this API enables developers to integrate with services and methods for managing products, customers, sales, e-commerce, PoS, company inventory, reports, and storage. The API is listed Resale category.

PrePost SEO Plagiarism Checker APIFollow this API provides fast, secure, full-article plagiarism checks with sentence precision. It supports .Doc, .txt and .DOCX files. The query parameter is returned via a POST request if matches are found for the entire article, document, or individual sentence, as well as how many hits, the corresponding article title, description, and URL. The API is listed Writing category.

Sport Sports APIFollow this API offers JSON information on football, basketball and eSports. TheSports produces and delivers comprehensive information such as live sports scores, statistics, results and schedules, odds, profiles and intelligence to media publishers, sports app developers, entrepreneurs or sports event organizers around the world. Developers must contact the service provider Documentation access. Find this API under Sport.

Free exchange rates APIFollow this API offers exchange rates for more than 150 currencies, including regular cryptocurrencies. The API returns lists of available currency, lists where the base currency is EUR, lists where the EUR is the base currency on specific days, and the current value of the currency from EUR to JPY. The API is listed Currency category.

Quantforce provides data and predictive modeling software. QuantDisqovery APIFollow this API Enables developers to interact programmatically with ‘feature technology’ software for predictive or explanatory model development. API methods are available for managing aggregation, data set, deployment, project, and task operations. The QuantDisqovery API is listed Machine learning category.

Quran free REST APIFollow this API provides Quran translations into over 400 languages. It’s an archive Religion.


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