In today’s technological age, new technologies are emerging and Magento is undoubtedly one of the main entries on this list. It is an undeniable fact that since the time of its invention, Magento has successfully opened up new opportunities in the field of e-commerce development with its time and profitability, with its ranges of templates, themes, features focused on profit, plugins and extensions. Here in this article, you can get a detailed idea of ​​the most popular Magento plugins of 2018.

  • Delivery date scheduler

With the customer satisfaction aspect in mind, if you are looking for options that will help you deliver the product on the date your buyer specifies, Delivery Date Scheduler is the perfect choice for you.

Once you get this extension on your online store, you can offer your buyers convenient product delivery dates from which they can choose a time that works best for them. Adding the calendar view also becomes easier using it.

  • MageMob app builder

Want to create a custom mobile app for your Magento built store? Here is the extension you would need!

Today, mobile apps are an essential part of e-commerce. Making your business mobile would not only give you a huge market but also increase your profit margin. Effortlessly and quickly build native apps for iOS and Android using MageMob App Builder and provide your online shoppers with an impressive and user-friendly shopping experience.

Besides, you can get your hands on useful features like product reviews, product scratches, admin and customer notifications, and more.

  • Language translator

Do you want to make your e-store multilingual? Without a second thought, opt for Language Translator. How can this extension help you make your online store more efficient and more attractive to users?

Well, let’s say your target audience isn’t very comfortable with English. Now with this plugin you can easily translate and edit any part of the online store making sure it can reach a wider customer base. You can effortlessly translate CMS page details, product details, store reviews, etc. without any headache! Get Language Translator and say goodbye to language blues!

  • Referral Center

An online store won’t get the success it deserves until you apply smart SEO strategies. The Magento SEO Hub extension can help you in this case. With its efficient help, you can manage data feeds, META tags, canonical URLs and many more things.

In addition, this plugin offers some remarkable added value features such as sending notifications in case of execution problem, setting a limit for metadata, etc. Maintain a higher ranking on most search engines with SEO Hub.

  • MageMob inventory

As an online store owner, it is really hard and difficult to physically track detailed product inventory! MageMob Inventory is such a Magento extension that can save you from this burden by making the whole inventory management process smooth and transparent.

The different modules such as supplier management, creation of purchase orders, inventory logs, etc. offered by this inventory management plugin make the whole process easier and at the same time fast and economical. More interestingly, it is also available in the mobile app format. You can get both Android version and iOS version in the market.

To list all the important plugins in this short period is really not possible. Therefore, here is a list of other business focused plugins and extensions that you might like to check out.

→ Designer of advanced products

→ Fedex Smart Shipping

→ Quote manager

→ Shop by brand

→ MageMob point of sale

→ MageMob administrator

→ Advanced search with Solr

Additionally, Australia Post Shipping and Australia Post eParcel are two smart Magento extensions available for Australia-based e-commerce businesses.

Source by Rob Stephen


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