Web design and development is one of the most common professional careers. These are also rapidly evolving areas that require one to be up to date with the latest advances. And what better way to keep yourself up to date than through discussion forums and professional communities.

This post lists some of the best and most trusted forums and communities for web designers and developers. Professionals from around the world gather on these platforms to share ideas, find solutions, and help solve problems. Read more about each platform in detail.

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1. Designer Hangout
Designer Hangout

The Designer Hangout is probably one of the most active communities for UX designers online. It has over 5,000 members and a fairly rigorous review process as they expect high quality discussions.

2. #frontendDevelopers

#frontendDevelopers is a great place to find new gigs. In addition, you can get feedback from like-minded developers, learn about the latest trends, and share ideas on this forum.

3. Digital dot
Digital dot

Digital Point is the world’s largest webmaster community with a huge platform. There you will find discussions on various topics such as search engines, business and marketing, design, development, and buying, selling and trading.

4. Coffee cup
Coffee cup

CoffeeCup software was created in a real cafe in 1996 with a simple HTML editor. The purpose of the forum is to help web designers create better websites. You can search for forums via the search box or through categories.

5. Webdeveloper.com forum
Webdeveloper.com forum

Webdeveloper.com is a forum for general web development and programming. The site is divided into sections: client side development, server side development and site management.

This forum has over 39,000 posts and 2,000 users and is one of the most popular. You can get feedback on your work, find tutorials, ask questions about website design, search engine optimization, photography, tools, business, freelance, and more.

6. Talk Graphics
Talk Graphics

Talk Graphics is a community of graphic designers and 3D artists. The registration process requires your date of birth, username and email address. They have a lot of information about Xara products.

7. Graphic design forum
Graphic design forum

GDF is one of the largest and oldest graphic design forums with over 20,000 members. The community is active, large, and consists of several general categories related to website design, business, tools, and more.

8. Stack overflow
Stack overflow

It’s one of the most popular developer community sites with questions and answers. You develop a reputation by answering questions and using positive voices. Users with a higher reputation can comment, vote, and even edit other people’s comments.

9. Graphic Design Forums (UK)
Graphic Design Forums (UK)

Graphic design forums are a friendly community for all kinds of designers. With over 18,000 users, the oldest post was sent back in 2008. Here you can share your ideas, ask questions and get answers.

10. Larachat

Larachat is a Slack channel dedicated to learning Laravel – the PHP framework. Chat with some of Laravel’s best minds in this supportive community full of experienced Laravel professionals ready to help.

11. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is an HTML, CSS, and JS framework for popular user interface components and interactions. You can join their community of over 7,000 members and learn the latest Bootstrap tips and trends.

12. Webdesignforums.net

Webdesignforums.net is a huge community of designers with over 55,000 members. There you will find answers to your questions in the following categories: web design, design software, programming and development, web marketing, hosting and server settings.

13. HTML forum
HTML forum

HTML forums are dedicated specifically to HTML, and according to the logo, there are “electrifying discussions”. In addition, you’ll find information on traffic and link sales, domains for sale, server management, and more.

14. SitePoint forum
SitePoint forum

SitePoint forums are a great place to find answers to your HTML, CSS, marketing, JavaScript, PHP, .Net, database, design and interface, maintenance and more.

15. webdevforums

With the Webdevforums forum, you can get feedback on your website, find helpful guides, ask about marketing and search engine optimization. Use the categories at the bottom of the page to browse the website.

16. Create WordPress
Create WordPress

Make WordPress is a Slack channel that discusses any WordPress open source project that includes plugins, themes, translations, events, and the core project itself. Anyone can join the Slack channel and jump into the conversation.

17. PHP disks
PHP disks

Laminas is a collection of PHP libraries and frameworks that make a PHP application faster and easier. If you ever have problems with these libraries, join the forum for help from the helpful community or professional Laminas developers. You can also let your work build a framework or give feedback to improve the library.

18. Developer

Dev.to is not technically a forum per se, but it feels like it. It’s a free community blog where people can share their information, ask questions, and join the conversation. It covers almost everything from software development to language, industry, career, tutorials, tips and more.

19. Laracast Centers
Laracast Centers

Laracasts is a popular video learning resource for learning Laravel. You can join this forum for free and ask anything about the Laravel framework. The whole community is active and helpful.

20. Ghost forum
Ghost forum

This is Ghost’s official forum – a beautiful, free and open source CMS built on top of Node.js. In the forum, you can join a discussion about developments, news, send a request for ideas or features, or buy and sell things related to Ghost.

21. Hacker news
Hacker news

At HackerNews, you can share and find the latest news on technology and everything related to entrepreneurship. It’s more than a social media forum where users can play in a conversation and vote or underestimate shared news. And users are very active. If you get your site to the top of the HackerNews page, be prepared to go viral.

22. Indie hackers
Indie hackers

A forum where developers share strategies, tips, and revenue figures behind companies and side projects. If you want to run your own digital business as a developer or seek advice, this is one of the places you can join for inspiration.

23. ProductHunt talk
ProductHunt talk

Technically, ProductHunt is not a forum, but it gives a sense of community like in a traditional forum, when you can jump to discuss the latest product thread with your peers, giving feedback, positive or low voice.

24. Symfony Devs
Symfony Devs

This is Symphony’s official Slack channel for communicating with other PHP developers. You can join a community (with over 600,000 members) from hundreds of countries on any general matter related to the PHP framework.

25. Figma Forum
Figma Forum

A platform where designers connect with each other through questions, tips and tricks so that Figma – a modern application design product – can be used collaboratively.

26. HashNode

This is a platform for developers to share information on a variety of web development topics (from user interface to back-end, design, mobile applications, and desktop applications). It’s generally a good place to connect with other developers and improve your skills.

27. Vue.js forum
Vue.js forum

The official Vue.js forum brings together passionate Vue.js developers from around the world. Here you can get help with a problem found in Vue.js, post or search for a job, or simply share your work. Also available in Vietnamese, Japanese and French.

28. WordPress Support Forum
WordPress Support Forum

WordPress Support Forums is one of the greatest places to learn, share, and ask for help with everything related to using your own self-hosted WordPress, including plug-ins and theme. The WordPress forum is available in many languages.

29. Envato Forum
Envato Forum

The Envato Forum is a hub for creative people to share their work and learn from the Envato Marketplace Network. Whether you are a designer, web developer or even a photographer, this forum is one of the best places to grow your skills.

30. Photography conversation
Photography conversation

This forum is possibly one of the long-standing photography forums, and this forum is neatly organized into several categories, and the topics offer beginners, including tips, hints, editing, freelancers, and galleries, making the forum easier to navigate.

31. Chalk

Krita is an alternative software for editing photos. And this forum is a place where you can join a wide community, looking for inspiration for a work of art, asking questions, and learning how to use professional software.

32. Graphic design StackExchange
Graphic design StackExchange

This forum is part of the StackExchange network, which aims to help designers with any software-specific approach to graphic design, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, technical tips for designing a topic or theory in general.

33. Photoshop Gurus Forum
Photoshop Gurus Forum

As one of Photoshop’s oldest forums, it serves a variety of Photoshop-related topics, from general techniques to software-related ones. You can also ask for help from professionals, either for a fee or for free.

34. CodeCademy talk
CodeCademy talk

The people in this forum discuss everything and everything related to software development. You can learn, seek help, or even share a project for feedback. You will also find opportunities to advance in career development in the software industry.

35. Blender artists
Blender artists

There is no better place to connect with Blender users than this forum. Keep this at home in the Blender community – where people come to seek inspiration, learn from tutorials and professionals, and connect with work and fun.


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