As we did for the 2021 season, we want to make special accommodations for new teams for newcomer awards and district points.

For the period 2022, 2021 * and The 2022 rookie teams are eligible to:

  • all rookie prizes.
  • if they are in a circle, they will receive 10 district points awarded to newcomer teams and may receive a 5 district point second year team bonus in 2023.

However, these teams are not eligible for the President’s Award.

District 2020 entrants will receive the 5 district points awarded to second-year teams and may receive the President’s Award.

These decisions were not easy, but I believe they are a fair middle ground between those extremes that will not award accommodation in 2022 to 2020 and 2021 for beginner teams and have teams worth three years that can receive rookie awards and circuit points.

The 2022 season is slowly taking shape, and I am so excited to return to personal events!


* This may seem semantic, but the 2021 rookie team will become the 2022 veteran team, even though they have the opportunity to get some rookie benefits. This means that the 2021 rookie group pays the 2022 veterans registration fee, looks like the start year for 2021 in the system, and can refuse the AndyMark driving set (in exchange for a voucher, part of what was meant when I said “A set of parts that is much more than what you saw in 2020 … “in. on this April’s blog) if they wish.



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