SAS® Visual Data Science decision making provides the best analytics experience. Start a free trial and get access to the latest in data visualization, machine learning, forecasting, model deployment, and more.

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Organizations that are able to interpret and analyze data are ready to win in the digital economy. After COVID-19 According to Gartner, 69% of governments have accelerated their digital business initiatives. Analytics is an important investment for the entire company, and organizations need to trust the supplier of their choice. Why not find out for free how SAS® can help you prepare, research, analyze and visualize your data?

With SAS Visual Data Science Decisioning (VDSD) experiment, you get the best analytical experience and access to all the analytical features of SAS Viya for 14 days. SAS Visual Data Science decision-making provides the ultimate experience that spans the entire analytics lifecycle — from data management, model development, and model adoption to decision-making.

SAS Visual science decision making is powered by SAS® Viya® Artificial Intelligence, an analytical and data management platform powered by a modern, scalable architecture that enables confident decisions at all times.

This free trial gives you access to SAS Viya features such as:

  • Data use, data preparation, data quality and cataloging
  • Advanced steps and data management
  • Visualization and reporting
  • Statistics
  • Matrix programming
  • Machine learning and in-depth learning
  • Model implementation and management
  • Prognosis
  • Text analytics
  • Optimizing
  • Econometrics
  • Digital decision making
  • Event streaming analytics

Try one or all of them. It’s all included in yours free trial.

Each user can download 1GB of non-personal information (personal information). The following commonly used data sources are supported: Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, and SAS datasets.

You can also add up to four other users in your organization to this experimental experience (a total of five users, including you). Every user just needs a SAS profile and they have a good time going. An enhanced registration and experimentation experience ensures you learn new analytics and artificial intelligence features faster than ever, and the ability to expand their use as needed. We have preloaded datasets and pre-designed pipelines for many of the data management, analytics, and artificial intelligence features included in VDSD. We also get quick support from the user community, support pages, and guides if you have any questions.

Why wait? Get started free SAS trial today!

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