Pride Month is now running, Pinterest is today started a new campaign introduce the benefits and features of the platform, while also adding a new pronoun option to both personal and corporate accounts to help users better express their identities.

First, Pinterest has today released a new Show Show True Colors campaign designed to highlight the benefits the platform can offer LGBTQ + users.

As the video shows, Pinterest has played a key role in connecting many LGBTQ + individuals and enabling them to explore their sexuality and personality in new and inclusive ways.

Pinterest points out that interest in LGBTQ + content has steadily increased recently.

“Every year, more and more people come to Pinterest to show their pride and LGBTQ + tickets are an recognizable way to celebrate and show the world who they are. Searches with “bisexual pride flag” (up 5x), “genderfluid flag” (up 4.5x), “lesbian flag” (up 4x), or “asexual flag” (up 3x)1 popularity continues to grow year by year. “

In addition to this, Pinterest points out that it is looking for, for example, ““coming out cake” (+ 2.5x), “coming out party” (+ 67%) and “coming out photoshoot” (+ 44%) are also communication.

From now on, Pinterest will also add a new gender pronoun option to both personal and company profiles, allowing users to better define their identities in the app.

As you can see here, the new nouns field, which will soon be available in your account settings, provides a set of authentication options that you can configure for your presence. Most social platforms now have similar options Instagram and LinkedIn recently added custom pronoun fields to user accounts.

Which is important because people should be free to represent themselves of their choice, and while it may seem like a small option to those who don’t want to use it, it’s a very big deal for those who have had constant identity challenges and gain acceptance among such friends and peers. .

In addition to this, Pinterest emphasizes content from LGBTQ + content providers on the Today tab throughout the month, while search terms related to the platform Pride also appear as a rainbow.

Pinterest Pride Search

And finally On June 23, Pinterest is hosting a global virtual event designed to inspire and debate around being an LBGTQ + creator and company.

“All Pinterest creators can join teaching and enthusiastic events to inspire creativity and learn more about what it means to be an LMBTQ + creator and business. Actor, model and activist Dominique Jackson and American fashion designer Christian Siriano, among others.

As the new campaign shows, the LGBTQ + community is important to Pinterest, and the platform will play a key role in connecting related groups. Therefore, it is important that Pinterest recognizes this, and these new features, especially pronoun options, are significant.

The pronoun option will be introduced for both business and personal accounts in the coming weeks.


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