Artificial intelligence

LinkedIn has been at the forefront of artificial intelligence for years and uses it in many different ways that users may not be aware of.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular recruitment platforms available today. Recruiters around the world use LinkedIn on a daily basis to search and filter applicants for specific jobs.

LinkedIn is known as one of the software hugs that has pushed the boundaries of machine learning research and development. LinkedIn has been constantly researching excellence machine learning techniques artificial intelligence (AI) a first-class member of the LinkedIn experience, unlike one of the world’s richest cultivators data sets.


Here are a few examples of how LinkedIn uses artificial intelligence:

LinkedIn uses significantly data analytics and artificial intelligence to improve user and customer experiences. Members are exposed to it on a daily basis, whether they receive employment recommendations, suggestions for contacting others, or reading useful things from the feed. Artificial intelligence helps business customers, such as recruiters, find new talent and receive insightful information. Artificial intelligence systems have had a significant impact on both sides of the platforms, which has brought significant added value.

According to a reportJob applications increased 30% after improving the personalization tool, which recommends jobs that members may be interested in. In general, job applications have increased by more than 40% year-on-year, based on various AI-based optimizations done on both sides of the member recruitment ecosystem. Recruiters ’email responses to cold emails have increased by 45% while reducing the number of notifications needed to send to job seekers who have received such messages. Even better, the total number of ongoing, two-way conversations started on LinkedIn Recruiter has doubled. Every message sent by a recruiter becomes twice as likely to hire after the introduction of the most powerful LinkedIn AI tools. Artificial intelligence has also improved article recommendations in the feed based on a 10-20% clickthrough rate. With all these amazing statistics, the platform has reached 660 million users and engagement has grown by 50% a year. Value capture consists of increasing the number of business subscriptions by users, especially wage users and companies.

LinkedIn also uses artificial intelligence to help companies defeat people’s parties that stifle equality. These artificial intelligence features are included in LinkedIn’s Talent Insight product, which is aimed at recruiters and focuses on diversity and inclusion.

LinkedIn can track what’s going on in the recruitment process from a gender perspective by providing companies with information and insights on how their jobs and InMail work. In addition, LinkedIn Recruiter’s top search results are rated more representative.

Companies can monitor the gender breakdown at each hiring stage based on LinkedIn reporting data on the gender of the hiring process. They can also better understand the overall talent environment, such as how skill sets change over time and how to find talent. Companies can also assess the gender distribution to colleagues in the industry to see how they could recruit from a more diverse group.

Artificial intelligence also works in the background, protecting its members from dangerous information, routing connections to maintain fast site performance, and ensuring that notifications to users are informative but not disruptive.

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