The Botsociety team worked hard to release new features that will allow you and your team to collaborate more effectively with our platform.

Now you can leave a message on your cloth, Choose new colors for your paths, and even link to another design file!

Leave a note, share the idea

A note with a gif stating “Check this” is added to the canvas. You can move notes around and resize them to suit your needs.

Add notes to your canvas to share thoughts, annotations, images, or even a direct link to an external documentation or file. Notes allow you to add comments to streamline your team’s communication flow. To try it, right-click the fabric and select Add Note.

New color connections (and new color picker)

To change the color of the path from blue to red, select a color from the new color picker.

To change the color of the path from blue to red, select a color from the new color picker. All you have to do is use your mouse over the path, and the option to change the color will appear.

Now you can choose colors for path connections. By doing this, you can help your team have visual communication and understanding of your project. How does that work? Choose any color for your connections, you can say red for correction information, yellow for small negotiations, and you get the idea … There are a lot of possibilities and we added a new color picker with just a few options. So you don’t have to worry too much about colors and you can focus on planning your conversations. Give it a try!

Link to another design file

A path that is linked to another design file.

The path is appended to another design file. When you click connect to another design, you will be asked which design file to attach.

We’ve all been there, swapped tabs, or had trouble reading a multi-link stream. Now you can link the year directly to another design file. This can be useful if the design flow is large and you want to break it down to make things easier for everyone. For example, you might have a file that lists purposes and another file that has a different subject. It’s pretty cool and you can try it now!

If you want to try these new features for yourself, log on to Botsociety here.



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