Years ago, someone asked us what the Cubelets were for. Our response was not well worded – and it probably involved excessive waving of our hands.

In the end, we went to the appropriate answer to the question. Cubelets are tools for STEM trainers – standards-tailored lessons, professional development, all things that tick all the boxes. Teachers love them.

But … we’ve always felt Cubelets to be so much more.

Cubelets are blocks of robots that help children think in a new way. They build toys to build new ways of thinking. They are for anyone with an open mind and who wants to learn the skills needed to solve big problems. To explain what all this means is to explain what the Cubelets really are for.

Cubelets are the building blocks of better thinkers. These stories are the beginning of new content designed to explain the principles of better thinking.


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