Tying it Creator Week showcase event, Instagram is announced some new commercialization options for content producers, including a new affiliate marketing program to make it easier for content producers to make money from product campaigns, and new additions to the Stars content producers donation process.

First, in its new affiliate program – Instagram says it will start testing a new one in the coming months ”native partner tool ’that enables content producers find new products that can be purchased from the app, then share them with their followers and earn commissions on all subsequent purchases they drive.

As you can see here, the new process allows content producers to sign up for the new Affiliate Program, which then allows them to choose from the products available in the app and add to their posts. And if users go through their message and keep making a purchase, the creator gets a reward – so it’s basically an influencer marketing process without the content producer having to do anything from negotiation or footwork to make an incentive agreement in place.

You can also see the new “Eligible for Commission” announcer at the top of the message in another screenshot.

It’s an interesting idea, and it will certainly open up new revenue for commercialization, which is a key focus for every social platform as e-commerce grows and there is a growing incentive to provide more incentives to keep key factors sending more often.

But it also looks potentially risky. Through this process, it seems that brands themselves do not have a direct say in the people who support their products, which can be problematic in many ways. Do you want to allow a writer with a checkered history to promote your brand?

It’s likely that Instagram has some sort of approval process in place, and if it does, it could be a big step forward in helping authors make money from their Instagram posts quickly and easily, which can be significant. But the details look a little thin at this point.

Instagram says it will come will first test the option with “a small group of U.S. content producers and companies,” including Benefit, Kopari, MAC, Pat McGrath Labs, and Sephora. The program will be expanded to more partners and regions in the future.

Instagram also adds a new option that allows users to link an existing store to their personal profile along with a company or content provider account.

Instagram store

This offers more opportunities for direct advertising, expanding audience reach – while Instagram also adds another store option that makes it easier for authors with their own product lines to set up a new store by linking their accounts to one of four trading partners (Bravado / UMG, Fanjoy, Representation and Spring).

Instagram Creator stores

This streamlines the on-board sales process for content producers by linking them directly to the supplier instead of having to upload their own catalog and build it themselves.

Stores for personal profiles will be available from today, while a new product linking option will be introduced for all eligible content providers in the U.S. by the end of the year.

And finally, Instagram also adds new incentives Stars donation system for content producers, which is particularly focused on providing payment options to streaming operators in the application.

“Starting this week, Instagram content producers will be able to earn extra profit by meeting certain milestones when using tokens in Live mode, such as switching to a Live account with another account, while Facebook will also be releasing Stars Challenges. Authors in the program can earn payments by Facebook free in the form of stars if they meet certain milestones, such as sending a certain number of hours or earning a certain number of stars during a given period. “

Facebook stars

The new options essentially provide an additional, gameplay element to the Stars commercialization process, which encourages content producers to stream more often. Which is good for Facebook / Instagram, as it ensures that more content is offered on their platforms, while also providing another way to create authors, win-win.

Well, probably not a win-win. Undoubtedly, Facebook will benefit more from having more content, and this will not cost tables more for the benefit of the creator. But then again, the incentives look okay. In the screenshot above, it points out that one mission would reward the creator with a $ 150 bonus if he earns 5,000 stars. 5,000 stars equals about $ 50 at the moment, so it’s really valuable.

So the push is better designed to get more streams to share more often, and if they make real money from their efforts, it’s likely to see them post more content and make Facebook and Instagram a more definitive partner in their process. .

What is the real goal of all these options. Despite Facebook’s many efforts to prevent it, TikTok continues to rise, and while Facebook hasn’t been able to crush a short video app on its own scale, it can still offer better commercialization and incentive options, which may well prevent users from being misled, and bring more high-end content producers to Instagram instead.

Note that Instagram is also working on the new one ‘Bonus’ payment system reels, which sounds similar to Snapchat In the spotlight the payment process that currently sees Snapearning a million dollars a day for high-end Spotlight makers to increase interest in the option.

TikTok is further developing its commercialization tools, and if at some point more factors realize that it would be better to make money from their content in other applications, it could become a key turning point for the platform if it is able not to offer similar or better incentives.

Where is Instagram going with these new commercialization tools that will increase competitive pressure while bringing more users to its applications.

Does it work?

It will certainly prove to be a strong temptation for some, and it will be interesting to see if these options really offer enough incentives to significantly increase Instagram’s position as creator.


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