On Friday the news broke that Mozilla has acquired IContact, a subsidiary of J2 Global. The financial details of this acquisition were not disclosed, and the news about it was shocking to many, although we all know that the goal in recent years was probably to sell the company.

While the goal was likely to sell the company and reveal the financial deal and how big it was for the venture capital supported by the companies. But we all know about the company’s struggles where the company will be in 2016 reduce 28% of staff, then Rand Fishkin – in 2017 the founder / owner said he was transition from the company and resign as CEO and then in 2018 announced earlier his departure from Mozi. The beach was / is a huge part For the SEO industry, I interviewed him starting Mozin and then leaving the company – he was (as always) very open.

I hope Rand, his family, and all those who have a financial stake in the company came out well from this acquisition. They worked so hard to build this company, which made the industry better in many ways, and changed the lives not only of those who work at Moz, but also of every company and individual on our farm.

Sarah Bird, CEO of Mozi since 2014, wrote this statement:

“From the beginning, Moz has emphasized search engine optimization as a critical growth and branding strategy. With this news, our mission will remain the same. Moz should only innovate faster and more efficiently for our customers,” said Sarah Bird, CEO of Moz. “The common focus on delivering effective digital marketing solutions is a perfect fit for our brand, our staff and our community. We are excited to start working together to find new solutions for our collective customers.”

Moz received a lot of responses to social media news:

Congratulations to everyone involved – what an awesome trip!

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