Normally you have to pay to get +500 comments and +250 likes on Instagram mail, right? Well, today I’ll show you how to add a post on Instagram for free.

I recently tried to promote a Instagram post. However, as you can see, it was not accepted because there are 0 bid clicks. In other words, all the commitment to this post is 100% organic.

Here is really interesting as well as why you should start exercising Instagram DM automation tools to your Instagram account: Of the +6000 people reached, 69% were people who didn’t follow me.

Because of this perspective, my average reach outside the follower base has been around 10% per post.

Additionally created message:

  • 700% growth outside of my own followers.
  • Nearly 100 bookmarks.
  • 25X the reach of my normal Post.
  • Well above my average number of new followers (in thousands) per month.

And don’t forget the over 500 comments and 250 plus likes that I’ve already mentioned.

How did this happen? What changed?

Results are 100% InstaChamp’s automatic messaging tools and their ability to trigger the Instagram algorithm through organic binding.

Which brings me to the topic behind this article. That is, “what” that makes it possible to add a post on Instagram for free.

Here is the agenda:


Grow Instagram followers and commitment to new tools for influencers, artists, brands, and D2C companies. Sign up first to use tools that generate elite engagement through Instagram DMs.

How to add a post on Instagram for free

Here is Instagram carousel message I have referred to:

InstaChamp has a tool called Comment on your autoresponder. InstaChamp Comment Auto-Responders allows you to send private auto-messages to people who comment on your post with a specific keyword, such as AUTODM.

As you can see from the last slide of the carousel, the comment function starts from users who fill out the CTA in my carousel message: “Write AUTODM in the comments for immediate access …”

I add CTA to both the last slide of my carousel and the subject of the post.

This is a completely new way of attaching a call-to-action to a message, which in turn significantly increases the message.

We think that if you ask for a simple commitment, you will typically get 3-5 times more commitment.

Now let’s take a look at how you can put the world’s first Instagram-approved instant messaging and engagement tools to work for your own brand!

How a comment autoresponder adds Instagram posts

To return to that, 69 percent. That’s the percentage of people my Postini reached No already following me.

Keep in mind that my normal posts only get maybe a third of that kind of hold and about 10% of the commitment comes from people who don’t follow me.

When your message reaches more people outside your followers than in your own follower base, your message has reached the albino unicorn level.

Instagram rewards posts with a high level of engagement. That’s why Comment Auto-Responder is so ingenious, because every time someone comments on a post, Instagram’s algorithm is triggered favorably.

In return, my post is visible to more people. Also, with each new comment, the number of people outside of my own followers who show up on My Post on Instagram increases.

In other words, engagement is the key to successfully increasing the number of your followers on Instagram. To get new followers, you need to reach new people. And to reach new people, you need to get a commitment to the content.

Without InstaChamp Comment Auto-Responder, none of this would have been possible.

So, if you want to know how to add a post on Instagram for free, InstaChamp by MobileMonkey is your answer.

Here is Really good news: InstaChamp Comment Auto-Responder is just one of three InstaChamp tools you can use to link your message to a call to action.


Grow Instagram followers and commitment to new tools for influencers, artists, brands, and D2C companies. Sign up first to use tools that generate elite engagement through Instagram DMs.

Why InstaChamp CTAs are fundamentally changing Instagram marketing

These new automated DM tools are really special because they solve a critical problem for businesses on Instagram. This problem is the lack of reasonable CTAs to get people to fill out Instagram.

Before InstaChamp, the funnel on Instagram was broken. You just hope someone clicks on the link in the bio.

InstaChamp will fundamentally change CTA on Instagram forever. So much, we’ve given them a name: InstaChamp CTA

Three InstaChamp calls to action

Ladies and gentlemen, I will give you 3 InstaChamp-CTAs: comments, mentions and submitting a DM.

InstaChamp CTA # 1: Comments

Example CTA = “Comment on my post using the word EDUCATION for my next free live course.”

Example InstaChamp Auto-Responder:

how to add a message on Instagram: auto-reply tools

InstaChamp CTA # 2: Mentions

Example CTA = “Mention me on Instagram to get a notice of the contest and a free sticker.

Example of InstaChamp’s autoresponder:

# 3. Send DM

Example CTA = “Send me a DM to see if I have any special offers in progress”

Example of InstaChamp’s autoresponder:

How to add a message on Instagram for free: Send me a DM

How InstaChamp CTA will change Instagram marketing forever

Prior to the InstaChamp calls for action, there was no easy way to request more engagement on Instagram. Most people don’t even have a call to action in their posts.

With MobileMonkey and the new DM automation, it’s so easy to get extra fulfillment for immediate user satisfaction.

Do you want this e-book? Get it right away by commenting on the e-book in my post. It’s that simple.

So now, there are no excuses for marketers. You should use automation to provide bonus materials by asking the user for little commitment.

The great thing is that no matter how great your commitment already is, this will make it better. OR, if your commitment is cramped, it makes it less anxious.

I’ve never had a really active Instagram, but when I post and use the InstaChamp CTA, I get at least 3 times more engagement and sometimes, like in this post, 25 times more engagement.

What does this mean? What matters is that creators and brands need to fundamentally change their thought process when creating their Instagram content.

It needs to be changed so that you give away some or all of your content, but you save some of the realization, such as bonus materials, based on how you want people to participate. It can be posting comments, mentioning your brand, or starting more personal conversations in your DM inbox.

When you do, the benefits are astronomical. Mainly because you end up seeing in front of all these people you would never have been before.

How to add a message on Instagram for free: Important next steps

Want start InstaChamp and new Instagram DM automation tools?

Learn how to:

Instagram accounts that use MoibileMonkey Instagram marketing tools, produces automatic action and interaction that is perceived to be completely organic. And because you can create organic engagement on a scale, this means a huge increase in followers.

Best of all, you work with MobileMonkey 100% Instagram approved engagement tools.

The proof is in numbers. 75% of consumers also want to deal with brands using private communication channels compared to traditional channels.

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