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Apple introduced the biggest updates will come to the latest iPhone operating system on Monday at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

albeit the new iOS will be on phones only in the fall, here’s what to get excited about.

Live Text recognizes the text of images and turns them into notes

Pictures via Apple

One The most important updates for iOS 15 are Live Text, which uses the device’s intelligence to recognize the text in photos. You can search for a picture of a family recipe by searching for its ingredients, or make a call directly from a photo of store details.

You will too can copy and paste text from images via the default camera app, which can be especially useful when searching for a Wi-Fi password.

Focus manages uptime, so you know when to disconnect and reconnect

Pictures via Apple

With the pandemic is not over yet, awareness is at the forefront of all priorities. Apple’s new Focus feature is a nod in a direction designed to help users reduce distractions in their daily lives. You can set a custom or suggested targeting that curbs unnecessary notifications, hides distractions, and shows that you’re not available in iMessages.

In addition to it it even comes with special home screen pages to use in focus mode, so you only see what might be relevant and useful.

Pictures via Apple

Collaboration with notes

Pictures via Apple

Notes application also gets the much-needed facelift with new features. Apple has now added more collaboration features, bringing the app’s features closer to Google Docs.

Membership shared notes are able to notify each other through mention, and the new ‘Activity View’ shows all the latest changes for easy use.

Creating montages with music

Pictures via Apple

Users who Your Apple Music subscription will also get a new feature in the Photos app. With iOS 15, you can create videos with your own photos and add certain songs from Apple Music in the background to make them especially special.

FaceTime – enhanced for virtual hangouts and workshops

Pictures via Apple

Them who prefer FaceTime with Zoom, only the iOS video calling environment is getting much better. Apple is focusing on making conversations with those closer to you more natural, by adding geospatial sound and a new microphone that separates sounds from background noise.

Portrait also comes with FaceTime, so you can blur your background and focus on yourself during the call. Group FaceTime also gets an update that allows you to see more faces at once in the grid.

Find photos easily

Pictures via Apple

Elsewhere iPhone’s search feature, Spotlight, is also updated to use the device’s intelligence to search for images by location, people, scenes, or objects.

Users do also be able to use Web Image Search in Spotlight with all the new rich results when you’re looking for an actor, musician, TV show, or movie. You can even bring up the latest conversations and shared photos as you search for a contact.

With everybody Because of these important updates, it’s hard not to get excited about iOS 15. However, the release date is still a couple of months away, so wait firmly. For those who want to skip the queue and try the developer beta, click here.

[via Mashable, images via Apple]



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