GR0 founder Jon Zacharias brings innovation and skills to modern search engine optimization

Have you ever wondered how a successful business is created? The wallpapers of individuals intelligent enough to run a business can be fascinating to reveal – even more so when another founder changed his path several times to find his passion.

GR0 founder Jon Zacharias never intended to go digital marketing. In fact, he went to school to practice law. In her part-time job, working for her father’s friend at a law firm, interest in search engine optimization began to grow into a self-defined “obsession”. Eventually, the gig made him realize, “I was much more interested in getting cases than in litigation.”

At the time, only legal and medical professionals made full use of SEO, a system that streamlines content to match searches on Google platforms, for example, to specific information. The opportunity for companies to benefit from SEO by using it to improve their digital marketing game still seemed like a concept years later. However, Zacharias saw the importance of this process long before it became mainstream in e-commerce.

In November 2016, the struggle with addiction was too much to ignore, and Zacharias received treatment at the CRI-Help apartment, a drug rehabilitation center. With a sense of new self and sobriety, he met his future GR0 partner Kevin Miller through the program. He states, “We immediately became best friends, talking every other second. I feel like my whole life moved as soon as I met him.”

And he was right. Miller’s experience at Google and his position as a growth manager at Opendoor allowed the couple to commit to search analytics and marketing campaigns – something Zacharias had always seemingly done alone. He had expected to share his extensive discoveries with someone else.

“I spent the next seven, eight years, from 2011 to 2019, when we started the company developing the scientific research behind SEO, and then when I had completed it, I basically started applying a tactic that had never been used in e-commerce” shares. “It was really like the second wave of SEO.”

By the time this new process had been shown to Miller, he was all involved and suggested going a step further. Zacharias states, “He loved it so much that it was like,“ Just start a business and do as many direct-to-consumer brands as possible because it’s such a powerful channel. “” The duo planned their plans. , and GR0 was born quickly.

Two years after its founding, this startup has been driven to success. “We basically combine the hottest direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands, work with the world’s biggest celebrities, and create real partnerships,” Zacharias notes. GR0 has been able to work with Venus et fleur, Nugenix and Funboy with other prestigious companies.

Zacharias says, “We give these brands the opportunity to work with huge celebrities they wouldn’t normally be able to work with because they can’t afford to put millions of dollars in advance.” With an inspiring and inspiring CEO, GR0 is just starting to rise.


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