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Gideon Brothers robots in a dark hallway

Gideon Brothers AMR automates material handling tasks in warehouses and production facilities. | Photo credit: Gideon Brothers

Gideon Brothers announces that it has raised a $ 31 million A-Series investment to accelerate the development and commercialization of its AROs based on artificial intelligence and 3D vision. The company is also expanding its manufacturing, sales, marketing and customer success operations in key markets in the European Union and the United States by opening offices in Munich, Germany and Boston, Massachusetts.

The Series A round was led by Koch Industrupt, Inc.’s business and growth division Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT), which was attended by DB Schenker, Prologis Ventures and Rite-Hite. The tour also includes several of Gideon Brothers ’current shareholders who are among the company’s first backers: Taavet Hinrikus (founder of TransferWise), Pentland Ventures, Peaksjah, HCVC (Hardware Club), Ivan Topčić, Nenad Bakić and Luca Ascani. The company is expanding its board with two experienced industry executives: Annant Patel, Director, KDT, and Xavier Garijo, Member of the Contract Logistics Board, DB Schenker.

Gideon Brothers AMRs move material in factories and warehouses

Gideon Brothers specializes in flexible automation of horizontal and vertical material handling processes for logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and retail companies. With its advanced mobile robots and complete software solutions for stand-alone indoor and outdoor use, the company is helping companies meet their most complex supply chain challenges: growing customer expectations, increased product variety and logistics volumes, a growing range of distribution channels and ultimately labor shortages.

An evolving AMR leader

“The pandemic has significantly accelerated intelligent automation and we are ready to meet unprecedented market demand. The best way to do that is to marry our own solutions with the largest and most demanding customers. Our strategic partners have real challenges that our robots are already tackling and are currently tackling with us an incredible opportunity to make robot – driven changes to some of the world ‘s most innovative organizations, “says Matija Kopić, CEO of Gideon Brothers.

“Working with these forward-thinking leaders will help us expand our global footprint, but we will always remain true to our Croatian roots. It is our superpower. The Croatian startup scene is growing exponentially – it already has two unicorns – and we want to open up new opportunities for robotics and artificial intelligence. added Matija Kopić.

AMRs make processes and workflows more efficient and productive. This is typically accomplished by performing non-value-added tasks – such as transporting, picking up, and dropping products – to free colleagues to perform other value-added tasks. With Gideon Brothers ’advanced technology, true collaboration between robots and humans is now finally possible – opening up the hidden potential of the world’s material handling operations.

“With more than 300 Koch operations and production units worldwide, KDT recognizes the unique capabilities and potential of Gideon Brothers technology to significantly change how companies can approach warehousing and manufacturing processes with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and 3D AMR technology,” said Annant Patel, Director of Kyr Disruptive Technologies

“Gideon’s vision to improve existing industrial warehousing and manufacturing operations in close collaboration with humans and their robotic assistants, while automating complex manual processes to increase work safety and efficiency, is a change in disruptive industries.”

“This investment in the development of autonomous mobile robots demonstrates once again that DB Schenker strives to be a pioneer in innovation,” says Xavier Garijo, a member of DB Schenker’s contract logistics board.

“Our partnership with Gideon Brothers ensures access to best-in-class robotics and intelligent material handling solutions to serve our customers in the most efficient way. Our collaboration with Gideon Brothers to date has shown Together with Gideon Brothers, our goal is to challenge the already practical operations at DB Schenker and revolutionize logistics business models, ”added Xavier Garijo.


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