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If you use vSphere on a daily basis, this a a webinar that you simply can’t miss!

Automation is the key to maximizing the potential of vSphere, especially if you manage multiple systems and want to achieve as much time as possible. Did you know that most vSphere tasks can be performed using automation? Did you know that the cloud can make local cluster configuration changes? Automation is an integral part of today’s vSphere administrator, and even if you are currently automating vSphere tasks, you may not be aware of all the possibilities it offers.

In this webinar, VMware vExperts and other MVPs Andy Syrewicze and Luke Orellana present powerful automation technologies that enable turbo mode for your data center. There are several live demos for this webinar:

  • PowerCLI Basics
  • Deployment automation
  • Desired space configuration for vSphere
  • Cloud integrations
  • And more!

vSphere Automation Masterclass is considered June 20 and as always, the webinar will be presented live twice – at 14:00 CEST / 8:00 EDT / 5:00 PDT and 19.00 CEST / 13.00 EDT / 10.00 PDT. The reason they go through everything twice is to try to serve live audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. Both sessions have the same content, so it’s just a way to give as many people as possible the opportunity to participate live and the opportunity to ask questions live!

I am present at the event, and if you use vSphere regularly, this is a must-have event for you too! Join me and save your place today!

Webinar title: vSphere Automation Masterclass
Performers: Andy Syrewicze (VMware vExpert / Microsoft MVP) and Luke Orellana (VMware vExpert)
Date: Thursday, June 20, 2019
Session 1: 14:00 CEST / 8:00 EDT / 5:00 PDT
Session 2: 19.00 CEST / 13.00 EDT / 10.00 PDT

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