There is no denying that companies have better embraced the benefits of cloud infrastructure today. While many use a significant amount of work in public clouds, others are either using secure on-premises deployments or considering deploying other cloud services, such as hybrid clouds. Business technology strategies are evolving on a regular basis, providing a new direction for business computing.

This is the age of the cloud, and now is also the time to take advantage of it! Let’s see how cloud services are expanding globally and changing business computing.

Hybrid cloud

Now is not the time to store all your eggs in one basket, and companies are well aware of that. The same goes for cloud infrastructure. Diversification through multiple clouds or hybrid clouds is considered fundamental for some companies. Hybrid cloud services offer businesses economies of scale.

Thanks to its useful features, the hybrid cloud market continues to expand. It is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 17% and reach a market value of $ 97.7 billion by 2023!

Hyperconverged infrastructure

Thanks to a centralized and simple control capability, a hyper-integrated infrastructure is becoming a popular choice for organizations. Compared to traditional data center systems and public cloud infrastructure, HCI is a cost-effective option. According to studies and forecasts, the HCI market will grow at a CAGR of 13% between 2019 and 2024.


The use of artificial intelligence can be applied to better performance in both a business environment and a server center. Artificial intelligence takes care of the skills shortages that organizations may face and manages peak times by allocating workloads to servers.

In addition, it facilitates data-based decision-making in both data centers and day-to-day business. Self-managed clouds will be part of the foreseeable future with the proper implementation of artificial intelligence.

Disaster recovery

More and more companies are moving their data and workload to the cloud, with downtime costs rising. A common concern for all organizations today in the use of cloud services is security. Even the smallest downtime means loss of revenue, immersion in customers and damage to the brand’s reputation. According to researchers, the average cost of downtime per minute is $ 5,600.

Therefore, the need to implement a robust emergency recovery strategy is the key to a robust IT infrastructure. An all-encompassing DR strategy that covers privacy regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA is now essential in your cloud environment. The DRaaS market is projected to reach $ 4.5 billion in 2020 and 15.4 percent by 2023.

Prepare your business for the cloud service

In 2020, companies looking to drive growth during COVID will need to evaluate and deploy the best cloud service solutions or lag behind. The traditional approach and strategies of corporate accounting are evolving steadily.

Cloud computing provides a safety net for maintaining and succeeding in a healthy business environment through adversity. Openstack-based cloud infrastructure is scalable and agile to your changing needs. We at VEXXHOST offer multiple solutions for your cloud infrastructure and organization.

To start a cloud journey or change your cloud strategy, contact us!


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