The explosive growth of cloud computing has led to the establishment of server centers around the world. This growth has led to a rapid increase in energy consumption. At the rate at which each industry expands and adopts cloud technology, energy consumption must have adverse environmental impacts. An energy-efficient cloud service looks like a promising future for everyone.

Implementing a policy to limit the use of energy that increases the carbon footprint is essential. Certain industries and technology companies are already participating in the initiative. They do so by setting a cap on their annual energy consumption. Not to mention that efforts are also being made in the field of green computing.

What is a green cloud service?

A conscious decision to use clouds and related resources for energy efficiency is to count green clouds. The idea of ​​the initiative is to control carbon emissions and optimize product life.

Energy saving factors

One of the most important ways cloud providers can reduce energy consumption is to save energy from their data centers. Server centers play a significant role in reducing energy consumption as they are also the leading power plant for cloud resources. It may sound like an oxymoron, but several methods can make it true.

Power efficiency (PUE)

The total amount of energy used by the entire plant must be approximately equal to the energy required to power your IT equipment. This formula keeps the PUE below an acceptable level. If PUE is under control, it means that no extra energy is wasted.

Types of services

The server center and its components determine the amount and speed of energy consumption. Because server centers store massive servers that are constantly running, heat generation is high within the plant. The purpose of installing cooling mechanisms is to keep the servers running smoothly and efficiently. These mechanisms are themselves the primary source of energy consumption. The right method, which saves energy and at the same time cools the servers, is therefore essential.

Benefits of Green Cloud Architecture

Becoming green is not only environmentally friendly but also easy on the pocket. Choosing an IaaS helps reduce costs because you don’t have to manage and maintain resources alone. Infrastructure concerts don’t weigh your business. Instead, you can make more money by focusing on your core business.

In addition, a green cloud environment is only more profitable. Saving energy reduces server management and maintenance costs. In addition, better server performance also reduces the cost of repairs.

The server center matches your IT footprint

Energy-efficient computing is now part of most business mandates. Server centers are set up only on the basis of high performance, while not enough attention is paid to energy efficiency.

At VEXXHOST, we are environmentally conscious and offer only the best to all our customers. Our server center both the Montreal and Santa Clara regions are energy efficient and engaged in sustainable development. Powered by hydropower and ample free cooling, our Montreal area consumes less than 1.2 PUE. The Santa Clara region is also optimizing its IT footprint with liquid cooling for modern servers.

If you are looking for a public cloud service provider that also ensures that data center waste is low through an energy efficient architecture, you need VEXXHOST. Learn all of us OpenStack public cloud service and Log in seamless cloud services!


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