In today’s age of technology, even if you don’t have technical knowledge and a commendable understanding of code writing, building and running online stores is not that difficult using platforms. -Feature-rich and flawless e-commerce development forms available in the market. While great user experience, search engine optimization, and design are crucial, these ecommerce development platforms are primarily focused on taking full advantage of social and mobile commerce trends. Here is a list of 4 Ecommerce Development Platforms that are gaining popularity in today’s business market.

# 1 Magento

These days, Magento is hardly an unknown name in the ecommerce industry. Since the time of its invention, due to its top notch functionality, Magento has become immensely popular among web developers. If you look into the details, this extremely well-known ecommerce platform successfully holds almost a quarter of the total market share today. For its remarkable scalability and reliability, most professional Magento developers root for this brilliant web development platform. World famous brands such as Liverpool FC, Burger King, Pepe Jeans have adopted this platform as the underlying technology of their respective official websites. Here are some of its enticing benefits that you can enjoy if you choose Magento as your web development platform.

– It is an Open Source platform. Therefore, this platform is open to any type of customization.

– It is not only quite easy to use, but also easy to manage.

– It offers excellent user experience.

– It provides nearly 9000+ extensions or plugins using which you can easily scale your business.

– It offers a large resource library that takes care of the overall management of the store, preparing demos and keeping the business growing.

– To make the sale of products more efficient, Magento offers free extensions, which effectively enable social commerce.

# 2 Shopify

According to the recent market trend, Shopify is arguably the best ecommerce development platform. It focuses more on mobile shopping with social commerce. Today, this e-commerce development platform successfully hosts nearly 325,000 online stores that are not only in active status, but doing business successfully. Here are some of the notable Shopify features mentioned below.

– More than 100 store themes (templates) are available.

– It has the particularity of connecting the online store with the Facebook page that you have. So you can sell your products directly on Facebook.

– To boost the functionality of the online store, more than 1,500 extensions or plugins are available.

– 24X7 support is available via tutorials, live chat, Shopify community forum as well as via phone.

– It offers an integrated shopping cart perfectly adapted to mobile.

# 3 YoKart

If you are planning to start a startup ecommerce business, this YoKart platform is definitely a good choice for you. This ecommerce development platform seamlessly provides multi-vendor online stores like Etsy and eBay. Browse the lucrative features mentioned below of YoKart.

– Not only the framework, but you can also own the source code. Most importantly, when using YoKart, you can effectively customize the portal as needed.

– It offers detailed manuals for traders and store owners, provides FAQs, video tutorials as well as free store management support for one year.

– The YoKart platform is extremely mobile friendly. It offers an Android application dedicated to marketplaces.

# 4 Big business

Regardless of the size of online stores, BigCommerce successfully hosts more than 55,000 online stores in today’s vying market. If you don’t have a technical background or don’t have extensive knowledge of writing codes, but want to build and manage an online store, BigCommerce is without a doubt the best option available for you. Here are some of its remarkable features mentioned below.

– You don’t have to pay transaction fees.

– It provides extensive built-in features which include taxes, shipping, analytics, coupons, newsletters and much more.

– All paid and free models are responsive. BigCommerce offers an amazing and seamless mobile experience.

– The support service provided by BigCommerce is awesome. Educational videos, a setup wizard, guides with remarkable visual representations, etc. form an outstanding support system in this e-commerce development platform.

– Thanks to this, the integration of the online store with eBay, Facebook, Google Shopping, etc. becomes smoother and easier.

So these are some of the best ecommerce development platforms that are successfully dominating the business market of 2017.

Source by Rob Stephen


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