OpenStack was completed around the decade in the sun, and we couldn’t be more excited that we’ve been alongside a vibrant community for nine long years. So we take this journey in the memory lane of how it all started for us and how far VEXXHOST has reached OpenStack!

The open source platform was created to provide public and private cloud services to businesses of all sizes. Four opens: open source, open community, open development, and open design are the cornerstones of the OpenStack Foundation. These fundamentals drove us to become part of the community in 2011. Since then, VEXXHOST has been an avid OpenStack assistant and user ever since. We became both infrastructure donors and OpenStack Foundation corporate members.

OpenStack services and solutions

After participating in the community, we started using public and private cloud services. We deliver consistent performance across our entire OpenStack public cloud service. Without the hassle of locking a vendor, 13 Openstack projects can be used, ranging from networking to block storage, identity management to container orchestration, and more! Through our private cloud service, we offer a customizable experience that can be customized to meet your business needs. We offer the availability of bare metal, a virtual machine and governorates in one cloud environment.

When VEXXHOST attracted the interest of users, we expanded into our OpenStack solutions through consulting and upgrades. In addition, we have had the opportunity to explore outside of the OpenStack software and explore other OpenStack Foundation projects such as Zuul. The CI tool has been tested against our clouds and is also part of our solution offering.

OpenStack has truly formed a well-knitted community that is constantly striving to improve the product and its ecosystem. That in itself is something worth celebrating.

Right from the second release, Bexar, our journey began as an Openstack-based IaaS provider. We are now in the 20th release of Openstack, Ussuri, and VEXXHOST has been among the first to offer it as part of the OpenStack Upgrades solution and as part of a private cloud service.

Events and interactions

OpenStack has helped us get closer to our users and the community through events, summits and meetings. We have had amazing exposure as members of the community. You can say we have traveled all over the world from Boston to Sydney, from Berlin to Shanghai! It was thanks to OpenStack that we had the opportunity to speak at CERN during the OpenStack Days. In addition, when we received the Superuser Award in 2019, we received the same recognition from the community.

OpenStack itself has evolved a lot since 2010. OpenStack’s major innovations have enabled great flexibility in the cloud service. Openstack is the leading open source option in public cloud environments. We are too OpenStack Passport software, which allows us to provide extensive resources for those who want to actively test open source projects.

Even in private cloud environments, OpenStack has proven to be highly customizable. Whether it’s bare metal, virtual machines or containers, your OpenStack environment can harness the power of all three at once! In addition, if you are looking for more affordable options, OpenStack also supports a hyperconverged infrastructure.

With The power of OpenStack, VEXXHOST has moved from local to global. We have won the trust of corporate customers all over the world. It’s a pleasure to be a part of OpenStack as they cross this milestone. The entire VEXXHOST team congratulates OpenStack and its community on a great day, and we express our gratitude for participating in it!


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