by Apoorva Komarraju
June 7, 2021

Analytics Insight has listed the 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies based on their market price.

Given the pace at which cryptocurrencies see the rise and fall, digital currency the market is significantly volatile. However, it does not stop cryptographic investors by investing more money in a thriving field. Although the cryptocurrency as a whole is seen as a source of income, each cryptocurrency has its own clear personality and technology. Bitcoin is the first digital currency it made the world talk about others cryptocurrencies and the whole market. Its special features like instant events and decentralized nature brought in more users. Following popularity Bitcoin, other valuable cryptocurrencies also became a network rumor. Some of them have already managed to surpass Bitcoin’s speed and flexibility, offering more features and benefits. Before investing cryptocurrencies, directional investors they should have a basic knowledge of their current market conditions. That’s why Analytics Insight has listed the top ten valuable cryptocurrencies on the basis of their market price.

The ten most valuable cryptocurrencies based on their price


Price: $ 36,271.14

Investors consider Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency that operates without a government authority, the highest cryptocurrency. People’s growing interest in cryptocurrencies has brought Bitcoin into the mainstream, while many other digital currencies are popular in the market. Although the growth rate of Bitcoin is volatile and the face is constantly rising and falling, the cryptocurrency has grown 276% last year alone. Recently, China has banned the extraction of bitcoin due to environmental problems and the goal of climate change. Bitcoin also sees a steady decline after Chinese social media service Weibo has blocked the accounts of some cryptocurrencyists from its site.


Price: $ 3716.59

After the fall of Bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies are fighting a fierce battle to take over. One such digital currency that grew sharply in a short period of time is the Maker (MKR). Maker, the administrative code for MakerDAO and Maker Protocol, has risen to 64.76% and has recently risen to be the third most successful cryptocurrency. Earlier in May, Maker announced its efforts to make its community fully decentralized and announced key components to achieve this. It is noteworthy that the tuning of the cryptocurrency also affected its price spike.


Price: $ 2778.35

Ethereum works in open source distributed block chain technology. Ethereum currently stands next to Bitcoin at market value. Although Ether has a lower market value than Bitcoin, it is the most commonly used block chain. Cryptocurrency experts predict that Ethereum will soon take over Bitcoin and become the number one cryptocurrency. As the Bitcoin market continued to experience the worst volatility, Ethereum saw winds that were comparatively less. In May, Ethereum fell about 11%, but compared to the year, the digital currency seems to be winning bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash

Price: $ 662

Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin spin-off or altcoin have been working well in the market lately. Bitcoin Cash brings sensible money into the world and fulfills Bitcoin’s original promise as peer-to-peer networks. Bitcoin Cash was first developed in December 2017 to increase the number of transactions handled as a result of the hard fork. Bitcoin Cash was created to enhance Bitcoin’s ability. While Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash work with the same technology, Bitcoin Cash has unique variations that make it stand out from the cryptocurrency set.


Price: US $ 429.02

Polkadot’s wild cousin Kusama has been doing very well in the market lately. Although its price fell to its lowest level of $ 438 immediately after the market fell, the cryptocurrency returned to its value and continued its upward trend. Kusama rose significantly 33% to $ 587.24. The same group of developers captured the Kusama network behind Polkadot in order to test the blockchain platform before moving to Polkadot.

Binance coin

Price: $ 396.92

Binance Coin, a cryptocurrency issued by the Binance Exchange, originally ran in the Ethereum block chain and later evolved into the original coin of the Binance chain. While the price of digital currency continues to be higher, it is trying to break the $ 433 limit. Unfortunately, Binance Coin also suffered from the disintegration of Bitcoin and Elon when the market fell sharply by more than 15%. However, the cryptocurrency has recovered most of its losses recently and maintains steady growth.


Price: $ 274.15

Monero, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency, has experienced a rise of more than 20% in 24 hours, following a recent warning from the Australian Tax Administration (ATO) that the agency has the ability to look at cryptocurrency exchange and other corporate transactions. However, this gained momentum after the digital currency declined by 50% in the first half of May and withdrew from its previous all-time high from 2018.


Price: $ 179.05

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency launched by former Google and Coinbase engineer Charlie Lee in late 2011. Litecoin is one of the most popular altcoins, currently ranked 14th in the market, with a total value of over $ 12.3 billion. It is noteworthy that Litecoin stands out from other cryptocurrencies by experiencing wild fluctuations in its first 10 years of life, and succeeds in succeeding in the market today. As with many other digital currencies, Litecoin also takes the roller coaster in terms of price.


Price: $ 152.50

Zcash is a unique cryptocurrency that provides a way of privacy for crypto investors. Unlike most digital currencies that make every detail of a transaction public, Zcash offers a duty of confidentiality to protect investors ’privacy and financial history. Fortunately, users will be able to choose whether to make their business transparent and private based on their own preferences.


Price: $ 143.32

Decred is a digital currency specifically designed to hide against scalability issues. Encryption currency makers were well aware of the problems Bitcoin faced with its closure. Therefore, they created an encryption currency that will prevent such disintegration in the future by giving the community a voice on the future currency. Over the past fourteen days, the price of Decred rose 39.43%, which had a positive impact on the wave of digital currency.

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