Picture through Virgo galactic

Virgo Galactic, The space company Richard Branson has completed the first successful spaceflight of its VSS Unity spacecraft with humans on board.

Not just whether this achievement makes Virgin Galactic equal The blue origin of Jeff Bezos, but it also highlights a real space opportunity in the near future.

Its the highest point, VSS consistency reached an altitude of more than 55 miles before gliding steadily to the runway landing.

Team the ship had also met a number of in-flight test objectives, such as conducting scientific studies under NASA’s flight capability program.

“Today’s flight introduced the inherent elegance and safety of our space flight system while taking a significant step forward … Space travel is a bold and adventurous endeavor, and I am incredibly proud of our talented team to make private space travel a dream, ”said Michael Colglazier, CEO of Virgin Galactic.

If you are in preparation for space travel, a place on Virgin Galactic’s spacecraft could set you back a whopping $ 250,000. Recently, the company has begun accepting $ 1,000 deposits for a future ticket.

Chances are, the earliest flights will only take place sometime next year, so despite the expensive fare points, you will have to wait for your turn.

[via Nerdist, cover image via Virgin Galactic]



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