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Recently a user on the gaming platform, Roblox used 350,000 Robux (about $ 4,115) for a Gucci Dionysus bag – though it can’t be carried in real life. And no, this virtual version is neither NFT nor digital art either.

By Paper sheet, the purse starts at $ 3,400 in real life, which means that the virtual bag had cost more than the real thing, even though it had no use outside the gaming platform.

Virtual The Dionysus bag was released as part of Gucci’s two-week virtual event with Roblox, called the ‘Gucci Garden Experience’. However, after the sale, the price of the bag has dropped significantly to less than $ 800 within the game.

Alexis Ohanian, Reddit founder and husband of tennis star Serena Williams commented on the sale and tweeted, “Remember: this Roblox purse is not NFT and therefore has no value / use / portability outside of the Roblox world – yet it is more than physical. Look at this space. “

With NFT could in-game products go up and fetch incredible prices to be the next frontier for virtual luxury products?

[via Paper Magazine, cover image via NeydtStock / Shutterstock.com]



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