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Back in early 2019, Roman street artist Alessia Babrow had glued her personal creation to the image of Christ, with her heart motif adorned on her chest, on a bridge near the Vatican.

Last year, he was shocked to learn that the Vatican had apparently repeated his image, using it as his official 2020 Easter stamp.

“I could not believe it. I honestly thought it was a joke, ”Babrow said Associated Press.

Babrow found out of recreation when the Roman street artist immediately recognized it as a work.

Claiming that The Vatican had illegally earned his work of art, and last month Babrow sued the Vatican City’s telecommunications business and claimed € 130,000 ($ 160,000) in damages. He said he tried to contact the Vatican to negotiate a settlement, but it never responded.

Slightly Ironically, the Vatican owns some of the world’s most famous works of art and strictly adheres to its copyrights. But in this case, it has caught infringing on the street artist’s copyright.

Vatican had issued 80,000 stamps priced at € 1.15, the stamps will continue to be sold at the Vatican Post until last week.

Work of art had been part of Babrow Just use it project, a slogan he adorned in the heart of the world’s religious leaders, such as Christ, the Buddha, and the Virgin Mary.

Jobs can be found in Rome, walls, stairwells and even bridges. The background to the series had been “promoting the intellect and the heart of the heart,” Babrow explained.

Court has not yet resolved the matter.

[via The Associated Press, cover image via Shutterstock]



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