September 4, another day in the life of a delhite, another day of traffic jams, another day of rain and waterlogging. but today it was a little different, people were getting off the new metro today. The metro had set foot on the roads of Qutub – central secretariat. The new subway stations, still unfinished, looked as chic, as high-tech as any station in the world.

I took the train from Hauz khas. To my surprise, the station had a good crowd. I was hoping to experience it on my own, but we are a nation of 1.1 billion people. The train took off with warnings “there is a slight delay, we are sorry for the inconvenience”. Nevertheless it was from the metro, we know that we arrive on time even if there is a delay.

Sitting inside, the first thing to feel is the brightness in people’s eyes. It’s evident on the faces of fellow travelers, how proud they are of their metro. The glare in their eyes when they use the metro is an experience in itself. The boys looked at it with bigger eyes then they looked at the girls (and vice versa), the men liked it more than their expensive cars, and the old people liked it more than the morning walks in a green garden, the ladies spent some time in their lives arguing that they had never been to Gurgaon, but now it’s a stone’s throw away. A walla tea stand outside the station was happy. In his words “aaj raunak bhad gayee hain yahan”

With the upcoming opening of the CS-Badarpur line, we hope that DMRC will complete its first chapter in the history of Delhi. They laid the foundation for making Delhi an international city. (Our metro is perhaps the only thing to show when it comes to “International”.)

Take the time to thank Mr. E Sreedharan and his team, who have once again proven themselves, who have shown that with the right leaders and the right minds, anything is possible. In saying this We should also thank our dear government for not having entrusted these metro projects to people of the caliber of the CWG committee, otherwise my great-grandson would have been deprived of a metro, leave me alone.

Source by Mayank Khemka


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