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Current events have dramatically changed the way we work, the way we deliver our products and services, and the daily lives of our employees. The global pandemic has forced the hand of many companies and turned the “comfortable to do” tasks of the future into immediate necessities.

In these uncertain times, it is vital to make sure you have the right infrastructure and tools, keep costs where you need them, and that your increasingly digital operations are secure. The cloud is an invaluable resource; whether you are just starting out or want to expand your cloud service portfolio. Nigel Frank International together with industry experts and other MVPs have put together expert advice to help your business make the most of the clouds.

I had the honor and privilege of being interviewed Nigel Frank International COVID-19, which affected many companies, and how to overcome these challenges Microsoft Azure.

In this publication, I have addressed the following issues:

  1. Cost savings – eight tools to optimize Azure spending
    • How can companies reduce their costs right now?
    • How difficult can companies use Microsoft Azure to reduce their spending?
  2. Security – Tips, hints, and best practices for Azure security
    • With all employees working remotely and some of them using personal, unprotected equipment, what advice can you give to reduce data breaches and public safety?
    • Are you going to anticipate certain industries that are at risk of working from home, and what technology can mitigate this?
  3. Teleworking – Managing cloud projects for virtual groups
    • What advice would you give to groups that now work 100% remotely? What tips can you give to keep morale high?
  4. Growing scale – how companies can achieve more by thinking about servers for less
    • What advice could you give to those industries whose demand for services has increased to meet that demand? What techniques can they implement?
  5. Business continuity
    • Which industries will not be affected by COVID-19?
    • Which projects are not affected by this, and why?
    • Is there any specific project you see, predict or advise now, and why? What typically consists of a required team / skill set?
    • What do you advise IT managers to focus on in the short, medium and long term?

COVID-19: Overcoming Enterprise Challenges with Microsoft Azure 2

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COVID-19: Overcoming Enterprise Challenges with Microsoft Azure 3

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