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Capcom is coming A 1-uped lawsuit that claims the video game company has used dozens of designer photos Resident Evil 4, the devil may weepand other games.

In his complaint filed in Connecticut court Polygon, Judy A. Juracek, the designer, claimed that Capcom had used at least 80 images of its 1996 copyrighted book, Surfaces, in several details and environments in all games. His book contains about 1,200 photographs of textures and serves as a “visual study” for artists, architects, and designers.

Juracek kept a solid case against the company, revealing more than 100 pages of vouchers containing about 200 examples of photographs that apparently fit Capcom’s games.

In one case he pointed out the shards of glass Resident Evil 4 logo and claimed he had shot a photograph of the material in Italy. Other iconic features were highlighted, such as decorative elements and marbled textures in the games.

Help him in his case was Capcom security in November 2020, when personal information and launch plans leaked. Among the compromised details were high-resolution footage in which “at least one” image shared the same file name as the images in the accompanying photos. Surfaces CD-ROM.

Although users can To obtain photographs of a book from a CD-ROM, they must license them if they wish to use them for commercial purposes. This can be done easily by contacting Juracek directly, but the designer said Capcom never reached him.

By for copyright infringement, Juracek and his attorney are claiming up to $ 12 million in damages from Capcom, as well as $ 2,500-25,000 in damages for misuse of copyright and removal of copyright from infringing photographs.

Spokesman Capcom said Polygon that it has no “other comments” lawsuit.

You can view all Juracek’s evidence against Capcom, see full document here.

[via Polygon and PetaPixel, cover image via Shutterstock]



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