Of the numerous cloud solutions in the industry, managed private clouds are receiving a lot of demand. The reason for this phenomenon is that companies can now fully focus on their business, while the cloud service provider takes care of every need for the cloud.

VEXXHOST’s private cloud solutions offer three different levels of support to customers, and fully managed is one of them. The only thing the customer has to tell us is the location of the server, and the rest is taken care of.

In this blog, we discuss what is all contained in our fully managed private cloud. If you want a deeper dive, our recently published blogs will give you a better idea of ​​what exactly managed private cloud is and what it is great benefits are.

Before you continue, be aware that the private cloud managed by VEXXHOST is not limited to the things listed below. We tailor the assistance to the requirements and specifications of each client. So depending on your needs, the number can be more or less than 14.

# 1 – Network architecture

In the first step, we analyze your needs and prepare a suitable network architecture for you. We understand that growing a business requires a flexible and scalable structure. So the hardware and software are configured accordingly.

# 2 – Design

Team VEXXHOST provides an OpenStack-based cloud service. We make sure your hardware and software are compatible and ready for OpenStack, and we discuss and decide which OpenStack projects fit your needs. We then design the cloud system in a dynamic and efficient way.

# 3 – Implementing a Managed Private Cloud

In the implementation phase, we will deploy a customized infrastructure and build a cloud. We install previously agreed OpenStack projects to configure the system and its security and usage protocols.

# 4 – Testing

Next, we test and confirm that the deployed cloud infrastructure is working properly. Our team of experts monitors inconsistencies and ensures that seamless integration and delivery is possible.

# 5 – Documentation

This service is pretty self explanatory. We collect information about everything we have prepared for the smooth passage of your cloud and how the system works for your business.

# 6 – Communication

After deployment, testing, documentation, etc., the VEXXHOST team will provide your team with all the necessary information about the managed private cloud architecture. You can also learn more about our support system.

# 7 – Access through the 24/7 ticket system

As a customer, you have access to a customer platform and an efficient 24/7 ticketing system for support. You can open tickets to contact us for your cloud service requirements.

# 8 – Best Practices

You can let us know about the 24/7 ticketing system and ask for help with cloud best practices and usage information. We give you ongoing support and make sure your operations run as smoothly as possible.

# 9 – Basic Troubleshooting

Our efficient ticketing system can also be used if you encounter problems and need help with basic troubleshooting. We’ll give you clear instructions and resolve issues immediately so it doesn’t affect your business.

# 10- OpenStack bug fixes

Our managed private cloud system includes help with all OpenStack error issues. Your cloud health is measured at a frequency of five minutes. A team of VEXXHOST engineers will detect all system errors and correct them for you.

# 11 – Proactive monitoring

As mentioned above, cloud health is measured at a frequency of 5 minutes. This is just part of our proactive tracking process, where we check your OpenStack project, storage space, disk usage, CPU idle, and more.

# 12 – Updates

Usually, the projects that come with each OpenStack release have regular updates, such as new features, bug fixes, etc. VEXXHOST ensures that all of these updates are performed and that your system runs on the latest OpenStack release.

# 13 – Event Management

If unpleasant events occur in your cloud system, our team will receive immediate notifications and we will resolve the issue quickly. You can submit priority tickets in emergencies, handled immediately by one of our oldest OpenStack engineers.

# 14 – Managed Private Cloud Security Updates

We know that safety is an absolute priority for our customers. Like OpenStack updates, we ensure that any and all security updates are exported and implemented immediately on your cloud system.

At VEXXHOST, we pride ourselves on the seamless service we provide to our cloud customers, whether public or private. We hope you now have an idea of ​​our complete control private cloud. Contact us to suit you to know more about our solutions. In the meantime, you can enhance your private cloud data with a constantly evolving product resource page.


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