Picture through Burger King Japan

Forget food design versot; Burger King Japan’s awful new additions don’t try to be as well-groomed as Whopper. They’re not so interested in looks, the word “ugly” is literally in their names.

First this menu, Cheese Ugly Beef Burger, was so well received for its debut in September last year that the band has returned with two other ‘Ugly’ partners: Shrimp Spicy and Teriyaki Ugly Beef, SoraNews24 reports. And they are an expression of the dream that a cheerleader or jock doesn’t always get popularity.

Burger King Japan assures that the offers on this line are “more delicious” than they seem. In fact, the final development of these “never before seen” cheese bottles took a “long time” to fine-tune.

Rustic bread is made by hand and contains four cheeses – Gouda, Egmont, Mozzarella and Cheddar – to achieve the right acidity, sweetness and richness.

Not surprisingly, burgers marketing patterns don’t do them justice – but you know they taste exponentially better moldy Whopper.

Picture through Burger King Japan

[via SoraNews24, images via various sources]



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