We had a great time in the Kars4Kids design department recently when our supervisor said, and I quote, “So we all agree on the short work on the design, now how …” And the soundtrack played its crescendo in the background and I shed happy tears and thought, “My work here is done . “

The story that leads to this epic drama is a delightful journey that passes by. But first, my background report. As the artistic director of the internal design team, part of my work is streamlines the graphic design project process who come their way from the many and varied departments of the organization.

Freelancers: Gather comprehensive creative information from your clients

Freelancers: Gather comprehensive creative information from your clients

I had ordered a special cake for a friend’s birthday and given the receptionist all the technical information … Read more

The pursuit of perfect design

That was a couple of years ago, and we as a company, especially as a marketing team, grew fast. A very special project was aimed at me creating a formal process for the design projects we are dealing with.

Until then, we worked very casually, informally, but it quickly became clear that some order was okay if we wanted to be an effective design team.

After a lot of research and making crazy professor notes, I revealed the magnum opus: Design information. For some well-oiled machine designers, it could have been a duh moment, but for me, it was putting a name on my face, the answer to the survey “must be a better way”.

See, Le Design Brief

planning in brief is WHO, what, when and why a design project form that must be completed with all project details and objectives before the actual design is done. By adapting the information collected in the bulletin, I was able to provide a valuable tool in avoiding the most frustrating problems encounters with our team.


We would never get to the middle of a project without knowing exactly what it is that we are asking the target market to do. The information would be there, on the line “call to action

Instead of adding the mailing block and annotations to the brochure as soon as it was on its way to the printer, we simply fill the panties “delivery method” status with “correct email, mass messaging” at the beginning of the project.

And most importantly for the in-house team, there is a place in my design speech for “the internal goal of this project”. This helps not only to focus on the whole project, but also on it measure the success of the project for future activities.

Brief approval of the design

There was only one problem with solving my dream: getting the other departments, ultimately our customers, to accept what they saw, bureaucracy at best and cruel and unusual punishment at worst.

Part of the challenge of internal work is familiarization. You and your client are like an old couple. They can drive you to the nuts and do everything you asked them to do safely knowing you’re not going anywhere and still work crazy to get them a good product.


So if I wanted to change the way I work with other departments, I really had to sell it. How did I explain why we can’t just take notes on a legal platform because the project is filmed in a minute or two, and then figure out the details as we continue?

Planning a project without a planning forecast is like…

As a fan of metaphorical speaking, I became a true storyteller of many twists and turns. Title: Planning a project without a planning forecast is like…

Here are the best Planning a project without a planning forecast is like…

  1. Filling the steak order in the restaurant kitchen that reads “I have a piece of cow, please.
  2. Making calls. Designer: “Okay, you point to the paper, so this has to be a printing project … no? Wait – Web! You hold three of your fingers, so you need it in three weeks? WHAT?! THREE HOURS?
  3. play
  4. Been a fortune teller with a crystal ball. Designer: “Ooooh, I see you have a big event coming up. You need an ad campaign. It’s all wrong until 4 in the morning before we go to print. Yes, the Great Designer never guesses, he knows.
  5. A forensic artist who draws a suspect. Designer: “You want this for your brochure on the topic you described. “Customer:” No, it’s basically my competitor’s brochure. I wanted it, but BETTER.
  6. Buying surprise jewelry for your wife. Designer: “The last time we met, my client mentioned triples. He probably wants a triple. And he always signs his email as a cartoon. He has to like comic sans. And the design matches his signature!

The final argument

If your design department is don’t use a formal design bulletin, be a hero and present it. Just remember that a little humor goes a long way in doing something new and unknown acceptable. Here are a few more posts that can help you figure this out while still staying on your client’s side:

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Eat Homnick to Hongkiat.com. Devora is an artistic director Kars for children, a national car donation charity that funds education and youth programs where he leads a team of talented designers and creative marketers. You will find him LinkedIn.


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