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Vaultoro builds trade from scratch with a frameless modular C ++ machine that clocks up to 1.2 million trades per second

VGold, a precious metal ingot based on lightning mesh, is almost ready for release

New crypts and metals are available, including the market’s first Dash / gold pair

An equity fundraising campaign is now underway

[London, Berlin, 1/10/19] – Vaultoro, the market’s first gold cryptographic protection solution since 2015, today releases a revamped version of its commodity exchange based on a new C ++ module engine optimized for high-frequency trading, clocking up to 1.2 million trades per second.

The interface has also been redesigned to serve both new entrants and experienced cryptographers.

Our goal is to become the world’s largest and most modern commodity trading platform, and we need a complete foundation for it. We have spent hundreds of hours on research and development to carefully bring the security and speed that cryptography investors need.“Said Vaultoro founder Joshua Scigala.

More than 20,000 investors have traded more than $ 95 million worth of physical gold on the platform. Gold holdings are insured by Helvetia, inspected by BDO International, stocked by Brink’s Switzerland and ProAurum Switzerland.

Vaultoro aims to issue a gold-backed coin (“VGOLD”) by the end of the year based on the Lightning Network branding protocol RGB. VGold aims to provide a secure system for trading physical gold, backed by at least 100% physically targeted investment grade bullion.

Our company was the first order backlog to enable Lightning Network, and we have been developing it for many hours. We see so much potential in payment channels and RGB provides the framework we need. This allows for full allocation of use cases, such as serial gold bars, while ownership is transferred through the Bitcoin network using a much faster second layer.”Said Scigala.

The stable coin asset class has become a key part of the cryptographic ecosystem, with an estimated value of $ 4.8 billion. Unlike other so-called Stable coins, VGold is the first insured and inspected on the market.

With this revamped new version, other encryption currency and precious metal pairs will soon be available. Starting today, the Dash / Gold pair will debut in Vaultoro.

We have had several encryption projects that asked for the ability to protect genuine physical gold because it can be insured and inspected, unlike FIAT-based stable coins. Dash is the first option because I really like all the work the Dash community has put into implementing encryption in Venezuela and around the world. After the dash, we look at the top 10 encryptions. All the projects we list must be legal, solve a real problem, and have a large enthusiastic community.”Said Scigala.

Vaultoro is already supported by startup VCs Techstars and Finlab AG, and is now preparing a new investment round to help VGold push into the market. Equity campaign now underway at

Our community is everything to us. We want to give them a rare opportunity to own the actual inventories of our company so they can help us shape our products and vision while reaping some benefits.”Said Joshua Scigala.

Campaign details – and exclusive benefits – will be released to registered Vaultoro users today.


About Vaultoro

Since 2015, fintech startup Vaultoro has been working towards its vision to digitize the world’s assets and make them openly accessible to all. Products
includes Vaultoro Trading; the world’s first gold protection solution, Glass Books Transparency Protocol and Bar9, a gold savings account.

To date, more than two tonnes of gold (present value $ 95 million) have been exchanged at Vaultoro, headquartered in Berlin and London. Startup at this time
it has more than 20,000 customers in 94 countries

Founded by Philip and Joshua Scigala, Vaultoro’s management team includes Waldemar Meyer (former director of the German Precious Metals Society), Ana Valdes (London School of Economics) and Gabriel Escalona (rocket internet, editorial hero).

Vaultoro is supported by Techstars, Finlab AG (WKN: 121806 / ISIN DE0001218063) and more recently Dash DAO, which is investing in the development of the market’s first Dash to physical gold pair.


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