Today, customers interact with your brand every single day, and there are only two possibilities – whether it breaks or does your business.

As you’ve already heard – “Poor Support Service leads to impoverished retention rates, complicates things and leads to unproductive business.”

A narrow customer base leads to bad word of mouth, which directly affects your company’s revenue.

Traditionally, the business was about the best product at the best price and earned a profit, but those old and rusty strategies don’t work in a dynamic market.

It would help focus on marketing products and services through content marketing, advertising, and subtly in other ways to achieve customer satisfaction.

According to Walker Consulting forecasts, by 2020, “customer satisfaction” will be the main differentiator. Customers are strong and thoughtful, and for them, it’s a seamless user experience with the brand.

Companies need to mix trading with cutting-edge marketing tools to differentiate themselves from the market. With quality products, quality user assistance also plays a crucial role in the ultimate growth. Handle your prospects well and there will be a huge change in your brand.

So now the question arises how we can improve the customer interface with chatbots? How do we use Chatbot for support services? Is Chatbot useful for users in the long run?

Today, we focus on how the market loads from the customer service chatbot and how companies overcome the biggest challenge.

Chatbot customer service is quite the future of the digital market. I’m sure building one for yourself is on your project list. The artificial intelligence bot is an excellent medicine for companies to enhance customer support services. They guarantee a smart, customized, better engagement and the best combination of human resources and technology.

You may be wondering how and where to build your first chatbot; Then you don’t have to worry because we’re here, and a list of the best chatbot builders will help you make wise decisions.

This blog talks about Chatbot to users already in the market and serves the audience with excellent support services. Let’s get started!

Top 10 AI chatbots for customer service

# 1. Pandorabots

# 2. BotPenguin

# 3. MobileMonkey

# 4. Bold 360

#five. Botsify

# 6. Imperson

# 7. MonetChat

# 8. The brain

# 9.It is alive

# 10. FlowXO

# 1. Pandorabots

Pandorabots is one of the great platforms to build a chat robot for customer service. It’s best to create “AI-based virtual buddies” for multiple roles, such as e-learning, entertainment, e-commerce, assistants, and education.

You can be creative and experiment with different elements as it offers tremendous flexibility to build Chatbot the way you want.

Its bot “Mitsuku” has been declared the most humane chat phone. It was created using the Pandorabot platform. If you want to get something similar to Mitsuku, you can start using AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language). You get 1000 messages for free and two chat robots to build. For $ 1000+ text, $ 0.0025 per post and 10 bots. After this limit, you will need to contact Pandorabots for more information on package pricing.


  1. Application API
  2. Symbolic subtraction and target cycle for a sophisticated chatbot personality.
  3. Preservation

# 2. BotPenguin

It is considered one of the most sophisticated customer service chatbot builders who serve companies in multiple industries to ensure a strong position in a dynamic digital marketplace.

Whether you are a food distribution, banking or other e-commerce company, BotPenguin offers a great set of chatbot elements with which you can develop your Chatbot for customer service and focus your marketing strategy more productively.

A large palette of chatbot building platforms is something you need to design an excellent user experience interface that you can achieve with the “BotPenguin” service in minutes without a large investment in hiring a technical team.


  1. Zero development time
  2. Zero installation costs
  3. Easy to set up
  4. In-depth analysis
  5. Personal


# 3. MobileMonkey

It is considered to be the fastest growing bot builder today. It is also the most popular bot and excellent marketing tools for businesses, especially Facebook Messenger; it can be an ideal choice.

Chatbot customer support helps you make the marketing process easy and fun. As you develop your bot, you will experience a highly interactive building interface.


  1. It can send notifications to users.
  2. Update Ads (Ad)
  3. Immediate FAQ
  4. Keep in touch with CRM, email, etc.

Well, the choice is all yours, so start with high-end business operations.


# 4. Bold 360

Bold360 used artificial intelligence to help achieve its desired goals, as the digital marketplace needs efficient and seamless transitions. NLP (natural language processing) helps companies build chat robots that understand the customer’s purpose accurately and work without keywords. Customers can even purchase products and services through Chatbot. Bold360 users include Edible Arrangements and Vodafone.

Its user-friendly interface makes complex processes more convenient and faster. If you want something like this, consider some of the features mentioned below –


  1. Conversational AI interprets complex language and user tone.
  2. Natural answers
  3. Helps through buying behavior.

Bold 360

#five. Botsify

If you’re late and want your chatbot customer support to go, Botsify is the right platform. It is a basic builder, and you can format a bot without coding or programming information. For example, it helps companies create smart and smart bots in less time with a few drag-and-drop. In minutes, you can deploy the bot on Facebook Messenger, Slack, and other platforms.

With pre-configured chatbot templates, you can quickly create a format without any problems, make some changes to your liking, and you’re ready to get started.

Chatbot is very helpful in customer service; if a particular job often requires staff, it can automate repetitive tasks.

It costs $ 50 a month; you get unlimited bots and up to 30,000 unlimited text. If you want to go for it, try its 14-day free trial.


  1. Discussion story (tree)
  2. CTA media blocking
  3. Personal greetings
  4. Retention of customer information


# 6. Imitate

This artificial intelligence chatbot building platform is one of the leaders in the corporate sector. It supports text, audio, video, VR and AR on all major chat platforms; its Chatbot customer service automates email, related tasks and calls.

Its service includes the deployment and hosting of Chatbot by providing advanced and in-depth analytics. You can quickly check everything in your dashboard and see real-time insights to predict actions to improve the customer experience using chat robots. It would be best to work less to monitor bot performance and support you throughout the process. Its partners and customers include Disney, Microsoft, Amazon and National Geographic.


  1. Targets the true sound of the brand to Chatbot.
  2. Real-time insights
  3. NLP


# 7. MonetChat

It is considered an excellent platform for Facebook Messenger chat robots. They are suitable for sales, marketing and user support; it helps to improve the return on investment and a strong backbone in the market. It has more than 400,000 business organizations around the world. It has supported 1B + monthly B2C interaction. You can get a great tool for building chatbot customer support and get multiple relevant leads and higher conversion rates.

Register for a free trial and update the packages according to your wishes and needs.


  1. Unlimited subscribers
  2. Multimedia chat


# 8. The brain

It is another great bot manufacturer that was launched in Argentina in 2012. It was founded as its founders seek to renew communication between companies and their target audience. It has control units in 9 countries. It is also considered one of the most successful artificial intelligence customer service chat robots in the world, handling more than 120 million interactions without language barriers. ManyChat can chat in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Its customers include LG, General Motors, Uber and Visa.

It develops bots for multiple companies regardless of their nature, size, product and services. It uses the bot seamlessly with several third-party tools such as Salesforce and Zendesk.

Its package starts at $ 240 a month, which includes 1,000 sessions (debate). If you go to extra sessions, it will cost $ 26 out of 100; to get started, you can go for a 30-day free trial.


  1. Live chat
  2. Customer communication management


# 9.It is alive

ItsAlive is a French startup that develops Facebook Messenger chat robots using artificial breast intelligence. It supports companies to respond quickly and eliminates waste of resources and money. It recognizes keywords directly and responds to users promptly. With this chatbot customer support, you can immediately direct the user to the right team to maintain and increase conversion rates.

This platform is quite technology-centric compared to MobileMonkey and Chatfuel. And therefore it causes some problems for non-technical users. It offers a wider opportunity to make your own recipes. On top of that, it’s a great platform to go. Its customers include Coca-Cola and Johnson & Johnson. It has a free plan that delivers 1,000 posts a month, and a pro plan starts at $ 99 a month.

It's alive

# 10. FlowXO

This is best suited for creating a vibrant chatbot for customer service and back-office workflows on the company’s website and other social media channels. With FlowXO, you can replace the intranet and perform internal operations seamlessly without obstacles. It also helps to improve internal and external communication with the target audience. It allows you to create relevant references from multiple sources. With proper care, you can build a strong relationship between your customers and your brand. You can also use this tool to create a backend workflow for live bot management. And it works best for medium-sized businesses.


  1. Cross – platform commitment
  2. Background program workflow
  3. Prefilter leaves (segmentation)
  4. Virtual greetings



AI chatbots differ in the elements and nature of the business (where it is set up). If you have the right team, only you can be smart chatbot for customer service.

Since we have already given you many options, choose the option that works best for you. I think I recommend visiting BotPenguin because it is the most cost effective and efficient in terms of work, investment and intelligence compared to others. The present time is the era when you can’t wait any longer to think; you will succeed if you are flexible enough to act quickly and seize all the opportunities that lie ahead.

Both softwares support advanced AI and machine learning features to develop Chatbot for customer service, so think wisely!


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