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Real-time robot

A real-time robot helps robots solve a motion design problem. | Credit: Real-time robot

Realtime Robotics, a Boston-based startup focused on autonomous business planning for industrial robots, completed the $ 31.4 million Series A round. This is a $ 11.7 million expansion of a former MassRobotics resident announced in October 2019.

New strategic investors include HAHN Automation and SAIC Capital Management, as well as new institutional investors Soundproof Ventures and Heroic Ventures. They joined current investors SPARX Asset Management, Omron Ventures, Toyota AI Ventures, Scrum Ventures and Duke Angels.

Real-time robot was one Robot reportis 10 beginners to watch in 2019. You can read our Duke / MIT spinout boot profile here.

Founded in 2016, Realtime Robotics said it plans to use the new funding to accelerate product development and deployment. It developed a processor that is claimed to be able to create “collision-free business plans” in milliseconds, helping industrial robots and autonomous vehicles design and change their path. The technology works with either one or more robots.

Realtime Robotics said it will deepen its reach in the warehouse automation industry and continue to serve global automakers and their supply chains. Earlier this year, Yaskawa chose Realtime Robotics ’business planning technology improves a variety of material handling and filling applications, including part picking and mixed housing. Yaskawa said Realtime technology allows the robot’s cells to be deployed and used more efficiently.

“This investment by some of the world’s leading manufacturers and automation vendors is a testament to our ability to dramatically improve the value proposition of robot implementations,” said Peter Howard, CEO of Realtime Robotics. “A wide customer base and partners have already achieved early deployment success and are working closely with us to refine features and user experiences, preparing for the deployment of our technology design, plant and warehousing functions.”

“As one of the world’s leading voices in industrial automation, we understand the importance of improving efficiency at every stage of the process,” says Philipp Unterhalt, CEO of the HAHN Group. “The real-time robot has tackled this problem with a unique approach – using integrated design software and controls to speed programming, improve flexibility and improve performance, simply by making industrial automation more affordable and efficient.”

HAHN Group, a German automation company, is well known in robotics circuits. In October 2018 it compiled all patents and trademarks of Rethink Robotics, A Boston-based pioneer of the Kobot Road that closed when it raised $ 150 million. HAHN restarted the Sawyer cobot and acquired integrators REI automation and DAHL automation.

Robotics investments have started well in June. In May 2021 Robot report followed by 36 robotics investments worth at least $ 581 million. There were also three mergers and acquisitions.


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