Speech by Adam Bry and Hayk Martiros – Skydio Autonomy: A study of robust visual navigation and real-time 3D reconstruction (video)

In the last online technical discussion Adam Bry and Hayk Martiros Skydio explained how their company solves real-world problems with drone flying.

Skydio is the leading drone company in the United States and the world leader in autonomous flying. Drones are used for everything to capture amazing video, inspect bridges, and progress on construction sites. At the heart of our products is a vision-based autonomy system that has been developed at Skydio for seven years and is based on decades of academic research. This system pushes state-of-the-art technology for in-depth learning, geometric computer vision, business planning and control, with a special focus on real-world sustainability. Dronet faces extreme visual scenarios that academic people don’t usually consider, nor cars, land robots, or AR applications. They usually fly in scenes with little or no semantic primors and must skillfully navigate thin objects, extreme lighting, camera objects, motion blur, textured surfaces, vibrations, dirt, camera smudges, and fog. These challenges are daunting from a classical perspective – because photometric signals are simply not consistent and from a learning-based method – because there is no basic knowledge for direct monitoring of deep networks. In this discussion, we will look in detail at these issues and the algorithms you have developed to address them. We will also introduce the new features of our nuclear navigation machine to map complex scenes independently and capture all surfaces by performing real-time 3D reconstruction on multiple flights.

Adam is the founder and CEO of Skydio. He has two decades of experience in a small polytechnic, starting as a national champion as a skill pilot for R / C aircraft. As a graduate student at MIT, he did award-winning research that pioneered the pioneers ’independent flight, transferring much of what he learned as an R / C pilot to software that allows the Drones to fly themselves. Adam founded the Google drone delivery project. He currently serves on the FAA Drone Advisory Committee. He holds a bachelor of engineering degree from Olin College and SM Aero / Astro from MIT. He has written numerous technical papers and patents, and was also recognized on MIT’s TR35 list of young innovators.

Hayk was Skydion’s first engineering hire and he leads the autonomy team. He is an experienced robot that develops robust approaches to computer vision, deep learning, nonlinear optimization, and business design to bring intelligent robots into the mainstream. His team’s cutting-edge research in UAV visual localization, obstacle avoidance, and navigation in complex scenarios is at the heart of every Skydio drone. He is also interested in system architecture and symbolic computing. His previous work includes new hexagonal robots, collaboration between robot arms, micro-robot factories, solar panel spaces, and self-balancing motorcycles. Hayk is a graduate of Stanford University and Princeton University.

Includes Guest Panelist: Davide Scaramuzza and Margaritha Chli

The next technical discussion will take place on Friday, March 12, at 3 p.m. EST. Join Chad Jenkins From the University of Michigan in his speech “That Ain’t Right: AI Mistakes and Black Lives” this link.

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