As desktop and mobile operating systems integrate cloud storage, data synchronization to and from the cloud has become even easier. Accessing data from any device has opened up a lot of opportunities for users. However, this also gives access to other people with a malicious intent to obtain sensitive files.

Here are five ways to keep your cloud storage secure:

Clean up deleted files

Cloud storage services have a trash can where deleted files are stored for a few days or weeks. While this option helps the user to recover files, make sure that sensitive files or folders are deleted and recoverable.

If you want to delete a file permanently, especially a shared one, look for all the deletion options in the cloud and make sure the files are permanently deleted.

Use strong passwords and two-step authentication

Standard security must be applied to cloud accounts, such as choosing long and unique passwords and using password management. It also makes sense to use two-step authentication if it is available. It prevents unwanted visitors from accessing cloud storage files, even if they know the password and username.

Enable account notifications

Many cloud services can send notifications about important account transactions, so these notifications must be turned on. Also subscribe to notifications about account activity, such as new shared creation or deleted files and folders.

Check connected apps and accounts

Hackers make every effort to obtain information. And while connecting calendars, maps, and email to the cloud can be convenient, it can also open windows for unauthorized access. Always check which third-party application has access to cloud storage and delete the least used applications.

Sharing audit files and folders

Cloud storage services help you share files with family or co-workers. If someone finds the links, the information will be exposed to unauthorized access. If adding passwords and expiration dates to sharing is available, use these options. Also perform a continuous audit of all shares in the account.



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