Cayman Islands Panxora Group launch a new quantitative hedge fund on Monday 2 November 2020 – with the aim of generating a return on fast-growing decentralized funding, or (DeFi) brand market.

Marcie Terman, Panxora’s Executive Vice President, said:

“This fund is for people who want to be exposed to DeFi but don’t have the resources to research this specialized market themselves. These interpersonal transactions can have a profound impact on global Financial Services – bringing real-world assets to the blockchain and facilitating the transfer of trillions of dollars in assets, including precious metals and fiat currencies, without large brokerage fees. “

The company, which is a licensed treasurer, now accepts fund subscriptions designed to open up diversified financial market opportunities, and the technical security of managing volatile cryptocurrency markets is made possible by Panxora’s artificial intelligence (AI) trading software. Advanced algorithms are designed to give equal weight to profit generation and capital preservation, and the models have been used for profitable cryptography since 2017.

Gavin Smith, CEO of Panxora Hedge Funds, said:

“While the DeFi market has grown significantly this year, we believe this market is at the earliest possible stage. Once the benefits to consumers are identified, the potential is so great that what we are experiencing now is only the first of many dynamic upward movements in the coming months and years.”

Panxora has now introduced software that can identify and replace the variable basket of up to 20 of the most liquid DeFi coins.

Since January, the DeFi market has quadrupled, and investors are excited about the potential of technology to disrupt the multi-trillion-dollar financial services industry.

Individual tokens such as OMG (which jumped from $ 0.61 to $ 5.30 in January-September 2020) and AAVE (which rose more than 4,300 percent over the same period) are just two examples of market potential and public interest The DeFi market appears to be rising.

The attraction of DeFi is that distributed applications or ‘dApps’ are run in a block chain, allowing participants to do business independently of a central authority that has traditionally picked up what can be multiple layers of profits from each transaction. Smart contracts can support loans, trading, insurance, interest-bearing savings accounts and more.


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