The cryptocurrency of the block chain plays a significant role, and the most important role in supporting the ecosystem is not just Bitcoin. We can consider Plato Finance as a new product in the market. Bitcoin focuses more on preserving cryptocurrency values, while Plato Finance pays more attention to payment instruments and insurance. We see that Plato Finance seeks to improve the ecosystem in many ways. Lower payments and faster payments, higher security, and mostly the first encryption insurance for your Plato wallet make Plato Coin popular. Platon Finance was founded in 2017, and today developers are working to expand the network, implement effective marketing methods and are ready to enter the global market.We will discuss all this with Ondřej Vácha, Director of Marketing and Development.

– Hi Ondřej, PlatonCoin official market. Platon Finance develops the Platon Cards. Tell us about your project plans?

– Ondrej: Sure, prepaid cards are just one puzzle. The encryption-economic ecosystem brings users much more. We are the first cryptographic project to offer cryptographic insurance against theft. This means that each Platon wallet is insured up to € 500,000. In the future, we plan to create the following projects of our own that are appropriate for Plato’s ecosystem and likely useful to our members. And this is just the beginning, we have a huge vision.

Platon Finance acts as a means of payment for the purchase of real estate in the form of a payment convector OPISAS. How safe is it to buy real estate through OPISAS and what are the advantages compared to buying Fiat?

– Ondrej: Thanks to the Plato Club, where you can manage all activities, you can also buy houses from the OPISAS portfolio. I think it is safer than the FIAT contract and certainly faster. We start with real estate, but we are already dealing with other suppliers of goods such as boats, cars, etc. All of our members can purchase through the Plato Club.

– The popularity of the cryptocurrency of the Plato coin is obvious, and the question arises about the demand for the Plato coin, is there any increase in the prices of the coin, and with which stock exchanges are negotiations?

– Ondrej: a few months ago you should buy PLTC for 6 euros, now we have 8 euros, all because there is a lot of interest in our coins. Our investors like that we are not an ordinary ICO, we have already done some of our homework, so we now have a lot of benefits. Our coins are getting stronger and more valuable day by day. We’re joining the LAToken exchange in December of this year and we’re currently working on 2 more exchanges, so stay tuned!

– Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin when he created that anyone can dig coins on his computer, but enthusiasts quickly connected it. Plato Coin has been developed for the Etherium platform. How many coins will be issued, and what is the coin forecast for 2019?

– Ondrej: You are right, we are now dealing with our own ERC-20 standard brand, but we will build our own block chain in 2019. For this year, we plan to market more than a million coins in 2 or 3 years to market the remaining coins, for a total of 21 million closed issues.

– What is the unique solution that Platon Finance offers on a blockchain basis to increase the security of digital assets?

– Ondrej: We can provide our members with the best possible level of security through collaboration with Symantec Corp. and Smart Contracts. Our advantage makes us unique because we have insurance. Each wallet can have insurance thanks to a partnership with Lloyd’s Syndicate.

– Now many are trying to combine the classic market of fiat money with modern digital currencies. What can Plato Finance offer consumers?

– Ondrej: Our solution is to create a user-friendly and efficient platform that controls all ecosystem operations. We call it the Plato Club, it’s a great environment not only for people interested in encryption, but also for normal people who don’t know much about cryptocurrency. Part of our club is the education system and cryptographic news. Registration is quick and we create a digital wallet automatically, it’s simple. Anyone can try it. The Plato Club will be alive in 2 weeks!


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